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We’ve all been through the same situation, where we wake up at night trying to move through the house either for a cup of water or to go to the toilet.

However, it is always too dark for our eyes to help us navigate around the house, where we usually end up bumping into something or looking for the light switch; which in turn hurts your cornea for a few seconds.

The use of night light has been introduced years ago which acts as a form of minor light whether for safety purposes or to help you navigate through your home. Yet another development in this small technology has been made which took the device to a whole new level. It’s called Zing, a better night light.

Overview and Features

Zing is a product that acts as a night light but with a much better appearance and a lot of different features that are fun to have in your household.

This device plugged into your electrical sockets provides you with light when plugged in with all the different colors that would suit you.

Furthermore, it studies the dimensions of your house by directly communicating to the other Zings located in other rooms. This can be used to track your keys or phone by attaching a tiny chip to them.

Zing also possess a speaker which can be used to play music or for communication to you by the device in case of a phone call, a reminder or any other feature.

Customer’s comment, thoughts and suggestions – Cons

A few concerns by the potential buyers were directed towards the light intensity produced by the product. As it might be too dark or too bright for the users with a need to be able to adjust such a feature.

Furthermore, the users focused on the fact that it is not movable which limits the use and the advantages of this product. However, it is well observed that such problems can easily be assessed by the creators and can be up and going in no time.

On one hand, there is definitely a lot of different and well established night light producers, worldwide. However, the other products do not stand a chance in front of Zing; at least at the moment as the introduction of interactive software and smart technology is something that can be considered competitive, as it breaks all standards.


Overall, zing is certainly one of your must-have for your smart home gadgets.

The creators have been communicating frequently with the comments shed from the Kickstarter users and have stated that they are considering a lot of the suggestions suggested and they are already working on developing a few of them.

Being that flexible towards reaching a perfect market product fit is the key towards the success of any product. In conclusion, having a more attractive and helpful night light, that might act as your own PA at certain moments is definitely a thing that will give you an outstanding feeling at your own home. Take a moment to check out the night light that goes by the name of Zing.

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