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Nowadays, technology is always changing and improving. In fact, as everyone can tell, technology today is experiencing an unprecedented development rate. It is actually hard to imagine anything that hasn’t been touched, remodeled, ravaged, or influenced in any conceivable way by the overwhelming flow of time. Nevertheless, there are indeed certain things that have refused to follow the trends. For example, most people are currently listening to music the same way they did back in the 90’s. The headphone market experienced its last major innovation about 30 years ago with the still popular earbuds or headphones.

Well, ZEROi may actually call for that change to finally come.

But let’s clarify something first.

What is ZEROi

As much as music may be for many a sacramental part of everyday life (thanks again to technology), the overall experience you get from music depends entirely on the sound quality. The more you value the sound quality, the better device you will need in order to have a satisfactory musical experience. And those quality standards won’t come as cheap. Therefore, you may as well pay a fortune for a good pair of headphones — better take good care of those costly speakers!

That’s where ZEROi comes to revolutionize the very fundamental concept of music listening.

Committed to the idea of versatility, ZEROi developers made ZEROi into a highly advanced conduction device that ought to replace the earphones, by only adding 1 oz of weight in comparison to a regular cap.

How it works

The cap operates by conduction, which is a way to transmit sound through a solid object. By redirecting sound vibration of certain frequencies to four specific points in your head, the cap’s special transducers deliver sound directly to your auditive canal through your skull, all loud and clear.


As of how you use it, it’s your call. You can wear it backward and still have a pretty decent audio. It has two available modern designs to fit your style.

ZEROi cap is an excellent option for those who love outdoor activities. The cap doesn’t block any noises from your surrounding, but you will still be able to get a crispy sound from your phone, music, answering calls, or following Google Maps or Wave instructions.

Furthermore, the cotton fabric is treated with the waterproof coating, which makes it resistant to rain, sweat, and spills.

That said, the major feature of ZEROi is the wide range of circumstances you can use it in. For this reason, Kickstarter enthusiasts have quickly taken a liking on what this project has to offer, and the initiative has gained quite the support it asked for.

This project has far exceeded its original funding goal, and the production is likely to be ready in August and shipping later in the year.

Improvement and ideas

This technology is not new, in fact, sound vibration conduction technology has been around for years. Working on this idea, lots of similar product such as Sgnl and ORII are both working under this principle. One of the ZEROi’s competitors, Cynaps, a techy cap that uses the same principle, but theirs are less attractive and not waterproof, plus the range of sizes available are much lesser.

There’s still room for improvement

Cons — What to improve

Although ZEROi is coated with oil, it’s not fully waterproof. The coating is good for small misty rain, but not for heavy rain.

One size fits all

Each of us is born unique, same goes to our head shape. The quality of the sound transmitted via ZEROi cap depends on how well adjusted the cap to your head, so you may need some time to get used to the setting that you find the most convenient. They, however, do not provide a customizable cap for each individual.

Short battery life

One more thing you should take into account is the battery life. There are already so many electronics to charge, who would want one more? Charging is definitely a hassle.

For this, the company has made the cap to last up to five hours of continuous uses at maximum volume. But since the amount of energy required to produce the desired vibration varies depending on the music and volume, the battery may even die before the five-hour mark.

Price — high

The cap is not cheap, to say the least — Cynaps, its main competitor offers a more affordable product. It may be a little too expensive for just a cap or just a headphone set. But if you are someone who willing to go for quality, this is certainly for you.

Availability and Pricing

ZEROi is currently available at (early bird) discounted price of only $79, the future retail price will be $129. With that, you can save up to 38% off regular price. Check the link below for more pricing and availability.

Check Price and Availability

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