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WAMA Underwear Review

WAMA Underwear — Naturally Comfortable Hemp Underwear

WAMA is a brand-new startup that focuses on bringing out their latest hygienic undergarment product.

Under the flagship, it includes all sort of underwears for both male and female. As the underclothing need to wear for long hours in contact with our skin, the sweaty and warm environment soon becoming the perfect breeding spot for thousands of bacteria and fungi. Thus, it may lead to a bad smell, itchiness around the private part, and even worse, genital related skin diseases.

Similar to the latest SilverSocks that naturally eliminates germs, WAMA underwear works on the same principle by incorporating hemp in making their undergarment product.

What is hemp?

Hemp is the fiber of cannabis plant which is commonly extracted by locals to derive the yarn. It has natural anti-bacterial properties which most of the clothes worn later on were stitched out of cloth made from the yarn derived from the hemp plant. And the uses went even further when it was also used in papermaking, the manufacture of biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, bio-fuel, animal feed and even some types of edibles for human consumption.

Using Hemp in manufacturing WAMA Underwear

As the yarn derived from Hemp plant is a natural anti-microbial material, WAMA takes a deeper step further. By taking advantage of that, the fabric is used by them to manufacture a wide range of underwear clothing which including panties for women and boxer brief for men. This product just launched under the brand name WAMA that has revolutionized the wearing of underwear bringing a sense of relief to those who have tried them on in the recent past.

The area around our genitals is vulnerable to the germs and bad odor and needs to be kept clean at all times. We understand that it is sometimes not very practical, especially when one is out of home most of the day. Therefore, by turning your regular underwear into something that naturally fends off the germs by themselves are beyond incredible.

Manufacturing and design of WAMA Underwear

WAMA underwear has conducted extensive research into the process of manufacturing underwear with hemp yarn. Hours of lab work have been sacrificed to make sure every piece of these underwears in the production line will be 100% satisfied by the customers.

Without compromising the fashion look, WAMA underwear isn’t just comfortable for long hours of wearing but is also breathable, stretchable, compressed and snug fit. The breathable fabric helps to wick sweat away and keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

The slim design streamlines your fashion in a nutshell. To give you a locked-in feel, WAMA underwear has a stylish yet ergonomic design without interfering your body movement for any in- and outdoor exercise or activity.

Other fabrics in comparison with hemp

Hemp is commonly described as a “miracle fiber”.

Comparing fabric from hemp with that derived from cotton and synthetic’s, there is a very distinct advantageous difference and is found to be far superior:

  • Strong and long-lasting — hemp is known as the strongest of all natural fibers. It is 3 times more durable than the cotton made apparel.
  • Weather-resist — High breathability and is suitable for outdoor wearing.
  • Cost-effective — Unlike cotton, hemp is easier to farm with minimal requirements.
  • Environmental friendly — Hemp farming uses a minimal amount of water and does not require chemical pesticide or fertilizer.
  • Lightweight
  • UV proof

Read more about Hemp clothing here —

All in all, the most fascinating fact about hemp is their natural anti-microbial properties.

For those who may have sensitive skin, let rashes be the thing of the past, WAMA hemp underwear will be your best shot.

What is up in the underwear market?

Cotton and synthetic fabrics are extensively used in the manufacture of underwear. Between the two, cotton would be a better choice rather than synthetic fabrics, this is because of the better air circulation in cotton to keep our private part ventilated and “fresh”. For some reason, most products in the market are mostly a combination of percentage of cotton and synthetic fabric.

One example the Adidas cotton underwear, which is made of  60% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Spandex.

The bottom line

WAMA Underwear is a natural anti-bacterial underwear that made up of hemp fabric. It is durable, eco-friendly, breathable and comfortable for long hours of wearing.

To those who have had a private part’s skin issues and the problem has been persisted for a while now, why not give WAMA underwear a try? It doesn’t cost you a bank, in fact, you can get it for FREE now.

WAMA is available in various sizes and designs.

This product is about to be launched on Kickstarter soon, you may want to check out the link below to their official pre-launch website to get your WAMA undies for free. Join their movement now.


Wama Underwear

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