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For all the yoga gurus out there and the believers of the energy and power from within, Visionary Magnet is the way for you to reach that power.

This product is meant to change your look towards our planet; to the look that most suits you. Imagine all your thoughts fall out on this planet and color everything you see.

This is exactly how the creators of Visionary Magnet imagined their product. The focus was to help the users to shape the world to fit their look, needs, and standards.


The product consists of magnetic strips each containing a word; with millions of different options to pick from. The purpose is to label and tag everything around you that gets to you or inspire you.

Whether you want to fill your planet with thoughts of your own or just try to add more positive energy to your tools, this product ensures this magic to be done.

The best part about it is the mechanism of production which was 100% organic as stated in the overview video with the raw and vegan material used which makes it suitable for all the nature loving peeps out there.

The visionary magnet has been used out by a lot of different people in many different professions and all have reviewed a great deal of success behind the positive energy pumped from the product. Imagine trying to leave a mental or a physical message for a person or a soul, even if it is your own! This is exactly what Visionary Magnet can achieve for you.

This idea, as simple as it might seem, has already reached their goal and exceeded it by a $1000 in less than 5 days which shows how this product defines a market product fit.

Cons — Customer’s thoughts and comments

A lot of different people out there are into yoga and finding a deeper meaning in their soul and Visionary Magnet did its part in providing the needed push. This product might seem irrational to many people as it is simply magnetic words, much like what we normally use on our refrigerator’s door.

However, this product has its own market of individuals who have certain uses for the magnets that others might not get easily. The only concern that is being faced with this product by far is the fact that there is no future plan for developing it neither is there much room for innovation.

This product might reach the levels of saturation at one point which will be equivalent to a writer’s block to any writer. Such concerns much are considered with the young brilliant minds who created this needed product.

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