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Everyone loves music. Across various kind of songs and instrument, there are no boundaries between music genres and styles. Naming from trendy R&B and pop music to classical Blues and country, music doesn’t just brought us together, but also form a bond between different culture and tradition.

As close as lips and teeth, a song would lose all its taste without a good speaker. On Amazon, there are some of the popular portable speakers such as Cambridge Soundworks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Aomais waterproof sport ll are well worth to pay your attention at, and if you’re fond of bringing music outdoor.

But to make music sharing in groups into the next level, here is what Trippy can do.

Trippy is a portable wireless speaker that features Place-and-Play system. It requires neither Bluetooth, phone-device pairing nor cables connection. Users simply place their phone on the provided platforms and you are good to party!

Technology and Specification

This technology is not new, similar to Sgnl, Trippy uses magnetic induction to convert the sounds vibration from your little phone speaker to a larger acoustic empty chamber therefore to amplify the music. The vibrations are detected by 4 induction sensors for maximal performance. Show off your music taste while being social and active!

This speaker is compatible with all smartphone out there.

In other words, Trippy is also lightweight (350 grams) since no other complex component involved in the process. Made of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton, backers will have multiple colors of choice to fit your personal style and vibe.

Below is a short demonstration video:

Trippy has a dimension of 6.4 x 5.2 x 2.3 inch. It has a battery capacity of 1000 mAh that provides up to 8 hours of continuous music playtime. The other specifications are in the table below:

InputChargingMiscellaneousImpedanceSpeaker Power
AUX 3.5mm input port
Microusb charging port (cable included)
Compatible with all smartphone
4 ohm
2 x 3w (6w in total)

Cons – What’s bad?

The concept is good, but the actual performance of the speaker might be affected by environment noises. Since this portable speaker is designed to play at outdoor, this problem can’t be neglected.

Another problem here is the uni-directional music output. The speaker streams the sound waves on a single direction output, in nature of this technology, which is not a good idea for those at the back.

Expensive — With the price tag of $73, Trippy is not very well worth as there are some of the speakers in the market have better performance but cost third the price, such as this portable speaker by Anker. Nonetheless, you also bought the cool technology.

Volume control — You can’t control the volume on the device, but only on your cell phone instead. Based on the size of the chamber, there’s always a limit on the volume you can play in proportion to the chamber’s size.

Battery capacity — Trippy has a battery that lasts up to 8 hour, which is good for normal use. However, there are portable speakers in the market already offering up to 50 hours of playtime, Minirig Bluetooth Speaker for example. Therefore, Trippy team is currently working on the battery issue so that to increase the capacity up to 20 hours.

Price and Discount

Trippy is now on Kickstarter starts at $73 under their early bird discount. It’s expected to retail at $119, you may save up to 40% in this campaign. The quantity is limited, grab one fast via the link below to their official Kickstarter page.

This product is not available on Amazon.

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