Ticwatch S & E Review

We have seen many big-name tech companies try to create a smartwatch that suits everyone’s lifestyle and provides a more convenient way to view notifications away from their smartphones. Compared to these attempts, which include Apple’s ridiculously expensive Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Smartwatch, the Tickwatch is superior and more affordable.

Tickwatch — Overview and Features

The Ticwatch is more than just a smartwatch. Although the device is powered by Google’s Android Wear, both the Tickwatch S (Sport) and the Tciwatch E (Express) are compatible with iOS devices. Unlike most smartwatches that run on the Google Play ecosystem, the Ticwatch is handier. Not only does it allow users to enjoy the convenience offered by Google Assistant, but it also makes it possible to download a wide range of compatible apps from Google Play.

Both the Ticwatch S and the Ticwatch E run on Android Wear version 2.0 with a dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of storage. Their 1.4-inch capacitive multi-touch OLED displays are crisp and visible whether viewed indoors or outdoors. To protect this beautiful display, Ticwatch comes equipped with anti-scratch glass.

Ticwatch Sport Vs Ticwatch Express

The two models feature award-winning designs that more or less conform to the typical appearance of a smartwatch. The Ticwatch Sport is wider and slimmer than the Express by a few millimeters. It, however, weighs 4 grams more than the Ticwatch Express and has non-detachable watch bands. The Ticwatch Express, on the other hand, features a stylish translucent casing and comes with interchangeable watch bands. Its bezel-less display is good enough but slightly less appealing than the display on the Sports model.

Both the Ticwatch S and E support wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-fi. They’re also both fitted with proximity sensors, heart-rate monitors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses. Thanks to the addition of GPS to the Ticwatch, you can plan your route without having to use your smartphone or tablet. This makes it an excellent jogging companion.

Ticwatch S and E can fast over 48 hours on a single charge. The upgraded IP 67 waterproof and dust-resistant casing don’t add any unpleasant bulkiness whatsoever. However, it makes the watch a lot more resilient and outdoor-ready.

Other features include an inbuilt microphone and speaker, a vibrator, and a fuel gauge.

Pros — What the Ticwatch has to offer

Voice control

Fiddling with the small 1.4-inch display in public can be hectic. Thanks to the addition of the voice-controlled Google Assistant, however, performing a various task on the Ticwatch is a lot less complicated. In conjunction with Google Assitant, the voice control feature allows you to respond to texts, dictate notes, and activate a wide range of features without needing to use your hands.

A worthy workout companion

Whether you’re a fitness guru or simply would like to stay on top of your workouts, the Ticwatch makes it easier to record and to analyze your fitness data. In addition to the Tic Fit app, which can be downloaded from Google Play, Ticwatch S and E are also compatible with fitness apps such as Runkeeper, Strave, and Google Fit, all of which are excellent for keeping tabs on your workouts.

The integrated heart-rate monitor comes in handy even when you’re not physically active. It serves as an accurate sleep trackers that provide metrics for analysis at your request.

When you’re on the move, however, the Ticwatch transforms into the ultimate workout companion. With it, you can plan your jogging route, thanks to the inbuilt GPS, and accurately track the number of calories burned. You can even enjoy your favorite workout music while you track your performance thanks to the ample storage onboard the Ticwatch S and E.

Hands-free Operation

The Ticwatch makes it incredibly easy to live without your smartphone. Not only can you answer calls and view your notifications on the OLED display, but you can also respond to text messages or emails without lifting a finger. Google Assistant makes the Ticwatch a must-have device for people who are too busy to sit and respond to every text message they receive. What’s more, vibrating notification alerts ensure that you never miss a call, text, or email ever again.

Slimmer, lighter and more resilient

Despite the humorous features that come with Ticwatch S and E, they are both surprisingly compact and lightweight. IPV67 ensures that they remain unaffected by water and dust, allowing you to take them wherever you go.

Highly customizable display

If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of the display, there are several third-party display options designed specifically for the Ticwatch S and E.

Long battery life

The Ticwatch S and E can run for over 48 hours on a single overnight charge.

Cons — Where the Ticwatch fails

The only notable limitation of the Ticwatch is its slight dependence on the smartphone it is linked to when it comes to locking onto a location using GPS. Several customers have complained that it can take up to three minutes to lock on to a location when the Ticwatch is far from the linked smartphone. The accuracy of the GPS function is not affected, however.


For an extra $79 ($25 Kickstarter price), Ticwatch owners can get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds called Ticpods. These seamlessly pair with the Ticwatch S and E via Bluetooth and deliver impressive sound performances. Ticwatch S and E are however compatible with other Bluetooth audio devices.

Price and Discount

Ticwatch S and E are undeniably more superior than most of the devices in the market at the moment. Based on a robust Google Play ecosystem, the devices offer a lot more in terms of apps and developer support. The addition of Google Assistant makes them easy to use, and their strong IPV67 build makes them tough and outdoor-ready. Great design, great functionality, and a host of useful features are just the same things you can expect from the Ticwatch S and E.

The smartwatch is available for as little as $99 for Kickstarter’s early bird customers. The devices will retail at $159 after their official release. Check the link below for more pricing and availability.

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