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Climate change has been quite evident in the past decade and if not in a sublime way than in a full blown force.

As early as the beginning of the nineteenth-century scientists suspected the greenhouse emission giving rise to change in the climate and fast track it to the twenty-first century we have world leader trying to deny its existence, but nonetheless it can’t stop scientists and humanitarians from trying to save the one thing we all thrive on, our mother earth.

And if this all wasn’t enough to draw your attention to the most imminent danger, there is this constant undermining of women in the field of science who have worked equally hard to try and understand the climate change and bring about a change.

This Is Our Time, a new podcast series

‘This is our time’ is a series that follows the stories of 5 women who are leaders, scientists, doctors, academics, and activists on an expedition in Antartica in an effort for people to get involved and understand our changing climate.


‘This is our time’ is a podcast that is built on the stories told by 5 world class women who joined the largest-ever all-female scientists to Antarctica consisting of total 76 women in December of 2016.

This expedition called the homeward bound was conducted in breaking new ice for all women with a special focus on women in the sciences. It focuses on the stories of success, challenge, motherhood, activism, and scientific exploration faced by these women.

The podcast with its narrative will transport you to the Antartica itself and make you experience the journey virtually through your senses. It also is a bid in trying to commit as many people as they can in joining the movement and helping bring about a change. It’s about awareness and challenges faced to overcome something we still lack to understand with regard to our changing climate.

Features – what’s cool?

The podcast is offering a graphic novella listening guide to the podcast that will act as your visual guide when you listen. It’s a stress-relieving perk that is exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign.

It also offers a cook book which will be an introductory course to the history and culture of Antarctica. It will consist of records from journals, amazing photographs, and a list of cuisines and their recipes native to the continent. They also offer tote-bags, t-shirts with the cook book.

Most important of all they are also offering advertising opportunities for brands and companies having the similar motivation and are driven by sustainable and environment-friendly campaigns, issues that reflect with their audience.

They also have various webinars to connect you with their stories and meet the women involved in this project and go deeper into the stories, expertise, and experiences.
They are offering the opportunity for you to join them at their launch event in Toronto this coming September.

And finally, they are offering a master class that will consist of different techniques and session for those who want to start their own podcast or learns how to develop one. It will consist of manners in which you can manage and cheat sheets, to give you a proper formal knowledge when there lack for such tutorials and their highly experienced experts.

Cons — What’s Bad

There are no specific cons to this campaign. It’s for a cause that’s going to help voice the conditions we are facing and overcome the inferiority that women face in science and innovation. If anything you being part of a revolution that set’s to bring women and their contribution to the society in limelight. You get to hear incredible stories from the Antartica where less than 1% of the world population has ever been and support to bring about change. if you really are passionate about the environment this campaign is for you.

Price and Discount

The price varies as per your choice of making a contribution. With the range from 4$ to 3923$ and each option having different perks offered. you can choose from an array of options and goods that you would like to get from them to enhance your experience. If you are really passionate and want to seriously get involved they also have a ‘special supporter’ option with a donation CA 500$ and you will be listed on their website.

Check the link below for latest pricing and availability.

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