The importance of product reviews

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Product reviews are used during shopping as they give customers an opportunity to rate and comment on the products purchased. Often, companies include email-marketing to invite customers to review their service after a transaction has been completed.

Customers may respond either positively or negatively to a product review. A product review means the customer has enjoyed the service offered. A seller may respond to positive reviews by saying thank you to show appreciation. He may also reinforce the positive so as to get to build buzz not only on the general brand name but also to hype up a specific product or service. This may also be responded through sharing with your time, asking customers what you can do better so as to keep the feedback loop going and by monitoring what customers are saying online to help you identify the weaknesses.

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A Negative Review

A negative review may be responded to by making sure you are prepared for the review before it comes in. One may also familiarize himself with the most popular and relevant review sites and visit them regularly.

He/She may also try to resolve the issue without having to settle or reward a customer with an unfair view. the seller should not only respond to the review but also resolve the issue too. Customers may give impressions on the product review such as one may not get what he/she ordered, he may love the look but the product happens to be of bad quality, others may find the prices to be nice. In addition, customers may not have the products delivered on time.

Competition for Growth

Analyzing your competition is necessary because it helps in identifying whether a product is really as good as it appears to be, one gets to know how dominant the competition is and what you can do better. Working on competitors analysis, sellers may try to look at the product page and see how many reviewers competitors have.

Secondly, one may identify the number of sellers on the product page. Pricing also has an effect on winning the buy box as sellers will try to lower their costs by reducing the fees they pay.

Another important thing is that sellers will want to have a good demand for the product by selling more units. Quality of the listing should include keyword use in title, descriptions, there should be no missing information as this will give you an edge over competitors. Sellers should also look for markets which suggest that the product has demand both from buyers and competitors.

Customers may also compare the competitor’s product as they will perfect lower prices and high-quality products, the durability of the good or service, color, size and appearance and in terms of high quantity. Sellers may try over do their competitors by selling goods at a discount, advertising their products through radios, televisions, Youtube, and Facebook. They may also offer free gifts as sample tests of the products and this help to create more market.

The Review Site Available

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Brand Awareness — word of mouth

Awareness of the product should also be created in remote areas to ensure that most of the people get access to the product.

There may be unresolved questions about the product review such as how one can encourage the buyer to review a product if one can offer a voucher or a free gift, whether a buyer can review a product that wasn’t purchased, what are the reviews of a product that is yet to be released, can one respond to a review and whether you can get a notification when a review is viewed.

There are various pros and cons of a product review. The pros are as follows; there is free advertising for your business, also there is increased customers trust and confidence. In addition, the potential conversion rate increases and there is an improvement in the ability to highlight areas for improvements.

What’s the wrong attempt of using product review?

The disadvantages for product review include the following; There is lack of negative review which is likely to affect the customer’s opinion, and third parties charge high prices to use their services and there is a need for one to keep reviews of the current and up to date.

In conclusion product review is one of the important issues which should be taken into consideration by looking on matters affecting both buyers and sellers.

Competitors should also ensure there is fair competition in their businesses.

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