The Everywhere Travel Set Review

Nowadays, every individual finds traveling as the best escape from the monotonous routine, and gradually it is becoming the leading passion of the youngsters to explore the places. But in all this process traveling is only beneficial if the luggage is managed in a proper way. We generally see around people are worried about the concept of packing, and they are concerned that how they are going to make it lighter. So here is the perfect match for all the types of backpacks and which will not become a hassle anymore in your traveling.

Everywhere Travel Bag comes to the rescue for all, which saves your time and changes the perception of the traveler. Let’s review this bag in a detailed manner.


It is the multifunctional bag, which is the combination of six different bags and sums up into one easy-to-carry bag. This combines a small zipped clutch, waist pack, backpack, laptop bag, duffle bag, and the Everywhere Travel Bag itself. So now onward traveling and packing will not be the concern and no compromise in carrying all your favorite stuff. So Get, Set, Go!!

Cool Features:

Your all questions regarding the luggage are answered by this amazing product. All your items at one place, occupying less space, and you get the time to enjoy your travel, any kind of travel, whether work or fun, this bag has the solution for everything. After reviewing this product, the following are the amazing features of this wonderful product:

  • Double slash-proof material – All your stuff is safe inside this bag, under any circumstances. It has the double layer of velvet inner, which keeps all your luggage in a sheltered way, hence making your travel worth while.
  • Wireless charging – Nowadays, people love to travel and work. For instance, freelancers, they are keen to travel and explore and simultaneously they want to earn well too. Laptops and mobile become the basic necessity there. Yes, this bag has the solution for that dependency too. It has the super-cool feature of wireless charging. What else is needed after this – Travel and Earn !!!
  • Sunglass Holder, hidden pockets, waterproof fabric, credit/debit card holder, water bottle/umbrella holder and what not, all these characteristics make this product remarkable.

As they say, “Think a little less, and live a little more” !!

Competitor and Similar product – The comparison

In the market, we can see the number of competitors as The Leather Duffle Backpack and numerous products similar to this amazing bag. As per the reviews from various people, all from different background have found their product more useful in many terms. It is spacious, protective layers, wireless charging available etc which are rarely available in the rest of the products. So in all this product sounds ideal for all who wish to travel and explore with less hassle. Now let’s have a look according to the reviews from customers.

PROs – why people like it?

As the features being discussed the basic advantages include the utility pockets which saves the space and keep all of the stuff in an organized manner. The fabric used for this product also makes the traveler comfortable as it has the padded back. All these useful features make this bag an awesome choice for all. The fabric used in this bag is double slash – proof material which makes it more user-friendly, hence an ideal choice for any kind of trip.

CONs – an alert!

After a long review about the features and the pros of the bag, there are some points where you have to give a thought. With time, the competition for this product will be raising. Many companies are launching out or plan to launch this kind of product, so justifying to the product in terms of quality and price would be bit competitive. If you are planning a vacation and with a good number of people, then you may face a challenge while you’re packing.

Final Words – Verdict

This is the product where you can spend and travel peacefully, so go ahead and back it from Simply choose the reward level and you will get all your items. After backing the project, rest of the information will be collected through surveys. If you are willing to add to your reward, then go ahead and check the rewards chart and add accordingly. Happy Travelling !!

The Everywhere Travel Bag is now available for just $49 (early bird), check the link below for latest pricing and availability.

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