Tenikle Review: A Better Way to Mount

Who doesn’t want a tripod that can adapt to any environment and lend itself to all kinds of fun shape? When we began to review this product, we were surprised by the incredible grip and maneuverability of this innovative, flexible little camera mount.

If you love taking pictures, you’ll love this new invention that gives you support and steadiness no matter where you go. The sheer convenience of having a tripod that you can roll into your bag and walk out of the house which is mind blowing! No need to lug around a heavy tripod when you just want to enjoy a fun day out. Simply bring out Tenikle from your pocket and start capturing special moments!

Overview – What is Tenikle?

It’s a three armed smartphone and camera mount that is inspired by the tentacled creatures of the sea. Creator Han Dose has a fully funded Kickstarter backing up the production of these wonderful tripods.

Just like the Octopus, this tripod’s most impressive features is its strong suction cups that can hold any smartphone of camera up, while clinging to a variety of surfaces in any environment. If you ever felt that your genius in photography was being stifled by the need to buy expensive tripods and hauling them around everywhere, Tenikle is basically the answer to your prayers. It’s compact, versatile, and the only mount you need to take with you.

Unique Features – What Tenikle Brings To You

Let’s review the interesting new features this tripod introduces us too! This equipment boasts strong new suction cup that remains stuck to any surface it’s pressed against, even in the face of hard shaking. The strong, bendable arms can be positioned in an infinite number of interesting ways so that the mount holds up your phone in whatever manner convenient to you.

You are no longer restricted to only flat surfaces to support your tripod. It opens up a whole new world of photo opportunities! Take it hiking and wound its arms around a branch! Latch it onto your handlebar and take it for a ride on your cycle. No matter the jerking or shaking, this fake sea monster has been built to absorb all kinds of impact without letting go of the surface it is clinging to!

Pros – What makes this tripod so amazing

  • The suction cup molds that help this mount stand apart from all competition. The grip of these suckers is the reason. Tenikle is being so highly praised. No other camera and smartphone mount have a feature that allows it to reliably hold a device steady, no matter the surface it’s wrapped around.
  • The easy portability of Tenikle is a huge bonus. It’ll fit in your pocket or stay wrapped around your arm as you hike about the wilderness. You can ball up this mount, throw it into your purse, and forget about it until you need a tripod for that perfect selfie!
  • It’s lightweight built makes the Tenikle a blessing to pack for holidays or hold up in front of you, as you record your daily vlog!
  • Finally, a truly waterproof tripod that makes poolside videos and pictures a breeze. The suction cups keep the mount securely locked in place, so you never have to worry about the camera falling into the water!
  • Eco-friendly. Tenikle is made of recyclable. Thermoplastic elastomers which combine the flexibility of rubber with the tenacity of thermoplastics. It feels good to own something that will not hurt our nature.
  • Kid-safe. It’s a tripod that even your determined toddler won’t be able to dismantle with ease.

Cons – Things to keep in mind

  • As of the time of this review, Tenikle has yet to be market tested, so we have to wait and see how durable the suction cups on these mounts truly are.
  • The distinctive red hue is probably not a color that will appeal to everyone; However, the creator of Tenikle has promised that more choices in hue will be available soon.
  • Unless there is a branch or bar or pole for Tenikle to cling to, this little tripod cannot give you the advantage of height that a regular extendable camera mount can.
  • While Tenikle ships worldwide, the prohibitive shipping costs make this an extremely expensive tripod cum stand cum selfie stick for people outside the USA to own.

Additional information – Pricing

Han Dose’s company will start shipping out these tripods world by October 2017. While early Kickstarter backer got the mount for as cheaper as $15, the retail price comes October will be $30. If you want to buy more than one of these, the Kickstarter page still has offers that will bring down the cost of each Tenikle to as low as $8. Check the link below for latest pricing.

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