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We all move around every day with a certain number of personal belongings which we can’t leave the house without. One of these main items of choice is the wallet, which serves as the home for our money, credit cards, business cards or even coins of our choices.

However, there has claimed to be a lot of problems regarding different types of wallets, whether due to its size, material, design or ease of use. This is why Vinco Life has focused on creating what they call the most modern wallet out there, which goes by the name of Swift.


Swift is a wallet with different compartments for all your needs. It has sections for your bills, your cards, your coins and is designed in a method to help you use it as easily and frequently as possible. Made of high quality leather, it’s thin (o.5″), soft to touch and has a modern look.

The upside of this product is the fact that it can hold up to 20 bills at a time, which is more than anyone would be carrying generally. In addition, the design helps you to access the money in no time, which will help you reduce the time you need when you’re queuing up in line.

Even more, the creators claim that the material used stops coins from slipping out of the pocket which is something that happens to us all.

The RFID lining also protects your personal credit cards information from being stolen unnoticed. Noteworthy, this wallet has number of easy-access compartment slots for all your cards.

In this campaign, the team has offered a number of designs and color themes to fit your style.


While on the other hand, you can see that the wallet is pretty basic without a certain design that would fit a lot of people. Adding to that, the leather used for the wallet is expensive which covered by a huge part of the product price.

The potential buyers have accepted the wallet and have backed it up, however, a lot of concerns were circulating around the different designs and colors, if any is available. More comments were surrounding the cost and the material used, yet the creators have focused on answering all the concerns and meeting up with the needs of the users.

Verdict and Conclusion

I believe that this product, regardless of the fact that it has already met the needed funds by almost 200%, does not have a competitive cutting edge which will help it to be successful.

It is obvious that the product is a simple wallet, with similar designs to what we own right now, which will cause us to think that all the features stated on the video might only be for marketing hypes. This is why I believe that this product might not be the most successful out there. But, this will not stop other people from backing it up as it still shows an elegant material with a beautiful representation in the campaign. Overall, Swift is a wallet that helps you reach your money and cards faster while still maintaining a size that is suitable for your pocket. We can’t argue that we are all in need for a wallet in our daily life, however, would this wallet be swift or not? That is your choice to make.

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