Solar System at a Date Poster— Review

The Solar System On a Day Posters is a unique gift that I would never have thought of in my wildest dreams. I was taken aback the first time I saw one, and I know that they will become fine works of art that everyone will want to have. They are not perfect, but they are about as good as they can be. I want you to see what I see in these beautiful posters, and I am pleased to show that they are offering more than just a poster. you have several options of arranging, and you will feel far better about that next gift you need to give.


They are Sweeping and Beautiful

The posters you pick from this Kickstarter project depicts the solar system on the day of your choice. You might choose the day you were married, the day you were born, or a special day that you love in your heart. Every depiction of the solar system is a bit different because the planets are located at different positions, they are swooping in different places and they are relating to each other in new and different ways.

They Come with many Backgrounds

The background that you have chosen for your poster can be varied when you place your order, and I was excited to see the posters come in multiple styles. I wanted to pick many of the colors they had because the light gray and soft purple looked just as nice. I believe that someone who gives this gift will be taken by the poster they buy, and they might want one for themselves. It is fun to look at, and you can adjust the posters pretty easily once you visited them.

Where will you put it on

I plan to put these posters on a number of things such as a coffee mug and photo frames, as they come in various sizes from postcards to largest posters. Also, you will receive a pc file that you can use or modify the way you like in your computer. In fact, they are giving you a number of options according to your need. For example, try it on the postcard, labels, greeting cards, coffee mugs, small, medium and large posters. Background images may be chosen for HD or 4K projections, and they are delivered to you at the time of purchase.

The 3D image

The 3D image is rendered beautifully on paper, and they will appear to swoop and curve in different directions. You are likely well-aware the solar system does not all orbit on the same plane, and you will find that each arm move in their own shapes. The cool 3D effect looks like it will jump off the page, this is a fantastic decor for your naked wall, screen-saver images, and also a lovely artwork that sits behind glasses.

The pros – What we find Interesting

These posters are beautiful and they provide you with great colors contrast and shapes that you would want to hang them to streamline your awkward wall. You may be looking for something that is utterly beautiful, and I am sure you will feel quite good about the quality and craftsmanship.

What’s more, these posters are not all that expensive, in fact, they are very affordable. You can purchase them in a number of styles, and they will be far more exciting when you use them as coffee mugs or postcards. Do consider this sweet product for your next customized gift for any person you love.

The cons – What to Improve

Generally, the main drawback of the product is its dull colors and lack of variation of the images. The planets are all rendered in the simplest style, which is lacking much disparity among the others. Creators may want to consider adding some of the other effects and object to make each poster series livelier so that customer will have their own choice.

Final Words

For those who are hunting for a better gift this holiday season, I would recommend this unique present for your friends or family. It looks elegant and modern in your living room and is very suitable for any of your anniversary. You might not have a particular date in mind, but you can choose something special for extra fun. The solar system becomes far more real when you purchase your first poster.

The solar poster is very affordable and suitable for all ages. Starts at only $10, you can have your very own solar orbit postcard of your chosen date, check the link below for latest pricing info and availability.

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