Slide // Exceptionally Minimal Luxury Bifold Wallet — Review

Is your wallet too bulky and overflowing with a lot of things?
The slim wallet is the best wallet for you.

If you have experienced wallet problems, you understand what I mean. A wallet that is thick can give you back problems by pressing on your nerves when you sit on it. For instance, you spent most of your time sitting on it when you are driving, in meetings, commuting on public means of transport or having lunch, and over years, this can cause a permanent damage to your back. Besides that, a fat wallet looks awful, the bulge simply ruins your cool image.

Slide // Exceptionally Minimal Luxury Bifold Wallet

Features & Overview

The slide is an advanced wallet that lets you draw bills, pick the cards and take out coins without having to open your wallet. It is a bi-fold wallet. It has thumb-shaped cut-outs on either side so that one can quickly access their most used cards whenever they want without opening the wallet.

There is a slight stagger in the cards so that to make a quicker withdrawal of cards. The wallet also had a stainless steel money clip that can securely hold many notes, as much as the owner wants. It has a pull-out pocket that allows the owner to get their important cards with ease.

Also, it has a coin compartment that can be opened with one finger so that you can remove your coins without opening the wallet. The coins will not fall out when the wallet is closed.

What we Love — The PROs

This wallet has a free worldwide shipping. This wallet is made of full-grain Italian Calfskin leather which is also used by the best selling world brands.

The money clips save space for bills pocket, and therefore the wallet is thinner and minimal. It is fitted firmly in a dip of the wallet center which never moves around and will always return o the secure position.

There is a pull-tab pocket that is not RFID protected and this makes it possible to slide right through RFID scanners at work or at the supermarket. It also has two embossed lines on the front side of the wallet where you can put your card without having to look for the opening of the wallet. This pull-tub is on the outside of the wallet and so it allows you to access the most used cards and the identification documents smoothly and without any interruption.

This wallet is made in such a way that remains slim whether it is full or empty. It also comes in various colors.


CONs — What to Improve

The problem with this wallet is that it starts to wear only after a few months. Another problem is that if you add between four to five bills, it begins getting a bit unwieldy. Also after a while, the wallet starts to look dirty and the pull tab starts fraying. You have to try to trim and melt the wallet to keep it from unraveling completely.

Bi-fold slim wallet is not new, it’s been a while in the market and you can find lots of other cheaper alternative too. Check Travelambo slim wallet.

Price and Discount

The Slim Bifold wallet is now on Kickstarter for only $59. It’s expected to retail at $100, check the link below for latest price and availability.

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