SkipDr DVD and CD Motorized Disc Repair System

$39.99 $24.95

Helps alleviate skipping, freezing and distortion caused by minor scratches



The SkipDR motorized disc repair system is an automated device that can fix minor scratches to CDs and DVDs. It can repair up to 25 discs using a patented FlexiWheel, and resurfacing fluid to smooth the surface of damaged discs. The patented FlexiWheel, with its unique microfrictional surface, uniformly repairs damaged discs without losing data. As well as handling standard optical discs, the SkipDR can also repair discs for: PlayStation 1 and 2; XBOX / XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii.


• Fixes scratched DVD, CD, PS1, PS2, XBOX & XBOX 360, Wii optical disks to eliminate skipping, freezing & distortion
• Radial resurfacing is scientifically-proven to completely repair most minor play-side scratches
• Process smoothes surface scratches to renew the disc’s protective layer, leaving disc data unaffected
• Patented FlexiWheel repairs up to 25 discs and works gently enough to safely repair the same disc multiple times
• Includes SkipDr Rejuvenating Fluid, blue drying cloth, and felt buffing square