SEQUENT Smartwatch Review

Features and Pros

Humans all over the world are frequent users of hand watches.

However, imagine your watch achieving a lot more than just telling time. Well, this is exactly what Sequent does! This watch is the most modern smart watch out there in the market at the moment with a lot of different features that will blow your mind away.

To begin with, it has a kinetic self-charging system, which regenerates the battery of the watch helping it reach an infinite supply of energy. Imagine your watch will never die!

Furthermore, it can sync with a mobile app that helps track your steps and fitness statistics which helps to keep you on the right track during your exercise routines.

With a classy modern look that you can wear around at any occasions, this watch is a future product that you definitely should own.

Customer’s thought and Cons

This amazing device has reached a lot of reviews and comments from the Kickstarter community, whether supporting, questioning or attacking. Yet, the tons of engagement involved shows how special this product might turn out to be.

A few of the concerns out there by the potential users were circulating around the fact that the watch is limited in terms of size and looks quality. This is expected due to the tons of technology being assessed in this tiny device.

Furthermore, the concept that the watch depends on the movement of the person wearing it gives speculations around the quality of the working mechanism such ideas generally might always be risky and not efficient.


Through the crowd funding process, Sequent was able to reach 500% of its target with only 11 days in from the start. This alone shows how successful, needed and attractive this wristwatch is.

I believe, that this watch should stand out due to its top features and the need for such product in the market. There are similar products in this field, as popular as the apple watch. Yet, the catchy part of this product is the affordability part, where this product will always maintain a lower cost compared to other popular and already existing products.

We believe, that this product should focus on adding a unique competitive edge that does not exist anywhere else in order to be able to mark its territory in the market.

Overall, the majority of the customers are excited into trying this product and owning it. The idea of a self-recharging watch, as stated by a customer, is a good and a frightening thing. This is because, if this watch is enjoyable to you, then you have made the best decision in your life. Yet, this also works the other way around. With all the different point of views out there, the success met on Kickstarter shows how exclusive Sequent is. If you are looking to purchase a new watch, we believe that “SEQUENT: the world’s first kinetic self-charging smart watch” should be your next choice. Who knows, this might be your lifetime friend.

Price and Discount

Sequent is now under discount sale starts at only $154 which is expected to retail at $438 later in market.  While you can enjoy up to 65% big cut off their future price. The amount is limited, visit the link below and grab one before its all gone!

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