Seasons Blanket Review

Seasons Blanket. Waterproof. Comfortable. Built to Last.

Whether you are chilling on the beach, hanging out in a park or heading for a camping trip, the seasons blanket will be your last bit of comfort. Unlike the normal blankets which are often too bulky, heavy and cumbersome to carry around, the seasons blanket is designed to go with you everywhere.

The seasons blanket is highly versatile and allows to fold down easily making it portable to carry around with ease. It fulfills the mantra of a great relaxation exercise and is light on the move. In addition, they are waterproof too!

The seasons blanket is ideal for both in- and outdoor. It is, therefore, the best choice for meditation, camping or for a family picnic.

Features and Specifications

Size – Highly portable

With the dimensions of 4.5 x 5.5 ft, the seasons blanket provides enough space for up to four adults to chill on.

Its adequate space makes it possible for three people lying down side by side. As the seasons blanket is not designed for sleeping, it is not long enough to cover up your legs. Once rolled up, the seasons blanket is only 18 x 8 inches, which is absolutely small and easy to carry around. The weight of this blanket is only 4 lbs which make it super lightweight to carry everywhere you go.

In case you don’t want to stuff your bag with the seasons blanket, you can lie the blanket by a drawstring to the storage pouch on your pants belt loop.


The fabric choice for this blanket is impeccable and what makes it suitable for camping and outdoor activities. The blanket is made up of heavy duty canvas which is infused with a comfortable quilted cotton to make it extremely soft, tough and also waterproof. When set down over a wet surface, the blanket will still allow you to enjoy a completely dry top surface.


Durability is one of the exclusive features of the seasons camping blanket. The whole point of this blanket is for outdoor purposes and aimed for campers and trekkers. Therefore, it is very tough and yet comfortable. The heavy duty canvas isn’t easy to tear and the durable water resistant finish ensures that it’s completely sand and water proof; whether sharp edged rocks or twigs, the blanket doesn’t tear under most circumstances.


When tested for versatility, the seasons blanket remain at the top. The season’s company states you can use the seasons blanket for many different purposes. It can be used as a blanket on the ground for people to lie on and relax, it can serve as a table cloth and even more. The material of the blankets makes it the perfect choice for relaxing at the beach. The weight of the blanket ensures that it remains firmly tucked on a windy day to the ground.

Color Options

Unlike other blankets, the seasons blanket comes with more than one color option. In fact, you can get the blanket in your color of choice. However, all the season blankets have a gray shade at the center and will only vary in the shade of the storage pouch and sand pockets.


The seasons blanket is lightweight and compact. In outdoor, activities where you will require a lot of warmth, the blankets will not simply do it for you. The reason for their lightweight nature is definitely because adding weight to the blankets will make them bulky and therefore difficult to carry around. Therefore, in instances where you will require a lot of warmth. The season’s blanket may not be the best choice for you.

Due to their waterproof nature, the blanket once washed takes a good amount of time before it dries up. For this reason, it’s advisable to up your days before the day of the picnic. If the day is too close and it’s still not clean, the best option is to wipe it up.

Verdict — The bottom line

Overall, we’ve rated this blanket as 4 out of 5. If you are on the hunt for a versatile and affordable blanket for traveling, this seasons blanket will be your best investment.

Seasons Blanket is now on Kickstarter starts at only $89 with limited quantity, so act fast before it’s all gone. Check the link below for more.

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