Scribbler DUO Review

If you are an artist or you continuously getting an inner feeling that wants you to experience your creation of art in 3D, then you are reading the review for the right product.

Release your kid’s inner imagination!

A lot of different technologies out there have been developed which could help you visualize a certain product, whether virtually or physically. One of the most common technologies out there in our century, that delivers this goal, is the 3D printer device which is being used widely to create prototypes or actual products.

However, imagine having a 3D printer but at the tips of your fingers, allowing you to create your own 3D model using nothing but just a simple pen. This is exactly what Scribbler Duo is introducing to you!



Scribbler duo is a pen that allows you to turn your boundless imagination into 3D artwork. Not just for adult, this gadget is very suitable for kid to express themselves rather than a 2D paper-and-pen method.

This is achieved by simply feeding pens with plastic filaments, heat the plastic up by passing through the heated nozzles and solidified once cooled. This product will help you create pieces of 3D artwork with the coolest and most fun way you have ever imagined.

Scribbler Duo is safe to play with, cheaper (than some competitors) and featuring 6 speeds with adjustable temperature buttons. Also, it has a large LED display.

The best part about Scribbler DUO is that it allows you to draw with two different colors at the same time, making your model look as perfect as it should be.


However, 3D printing pen is not a new product. In fact, there’re lots of competitors out there to compete in this area. Offering a similar function, there’re lot of 3D pens on Amazon alone with half the price. For example, 3D pen by Shyan Technology and Maxidea 3d printing pen. You can find any other discounted cheaper 3D pens via the search bar on top this page.

Each strand of filament are coiled up and is up to 10 ft long, which doesn’t sounds great nor helpful in making the plastic figure. Designed for kids, this filaments could be better in helping children to achieve what they want in a much comfortable way.

Kickstarter Backer’s Thoughts and Issues

For this project, there has been a few engagement on the Kickstarter community for this particular device where different people have asked a few questions and raised concerns, especially that they have tried a prototype of the product. However, the team of creators have agreed and honest about the issues with the nozzles by stating that they are aware of the few problems that was mentioned by the users and they will be working on amending all these points before shipment. For some of the backers who have tried the product, they were mostly giving positive feedback in the comments.

Verdict and Conclusion

We believe that the idea itself behind the product is actually a very smart concept, where to help thousands of junior artists out there to picture their project in a much straight-forwarded way. Whether it’s going to be successful or not, its depends on the quality by which the end product itself would turn out to be.

In overall, Scribbler 3D pen shows a promising idea for the same product with new functions. This pen is now available on Kickstarter starts from $60, you can learn more via the link below. The price is reasonable and definitely worth a try!

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