Rohk Pen Review: Bolt Action EDC Pen


Bolt Action EDC Pen in Stealth Black


The stealth black version of the Rohk bolt action pen is finally available now. The pen features some impressive characteristics and material from the toughest polymers, it is built to last for years. Despite its amazing features, it still comes at a pocket-friendly price. Rohk pen’s unique characteristic and aesthetics architecture focus on the weakness of every disposable pen.

Unlike average EDC pen, Rohk pen is light in weight and is cheaper in price, without giving you issue such as the screws constantly losing or falling off, heavy and uncomfortable to carry in shirt pockets. Also, the Rohk pen has no O-rings which is likely to fall off and no click-end cap ratchet mechanism. The elimination of these weaknesses makes this new EDC pen much more user-friendly.

Despite that, when designing the Rohk pen, one challenge is if the top cap is tightened all the way, which otherwise will prevent the bolt from traveling properly.



Features and Discussion

What are the major features of the Rohk Bolt Action Pen ?

Beautiful shape — The Rohk pen has an ergonomic shape for ease of using.

Increased wall thickness — The thickness of the wall reaches an approximately 3mm, making it tough for heavy use.

Pocket-friendly size and light weight — Despite the thickness of its wall and the compactness of its frame, the Rohk pen still manages to be friendly in the pocket; weight and size wise. This allows it to easily carry around without being too bulky/heavy or discomforting the user. The size of the pen is 4.3 in, about one-quarter of the size of an average palm.

Airport friendly — Expensive metal pens are usually a big heartache at airports as they call undue attention due to its material. In some cases, they will be confiscated. The Rohk pen is made of the strong polymers and contains zero metal, which is very airport friendly and will not set the alarm off.

No loosening of screws — One headache with fancy metal pens is the loosening of their screws, O-rings, washers or rivets particularly after any fall. Metal pens are usually fragile and will not give you less problem after hitting the ground. Any drop will cause the mechanisms to start misbehaving or cause the screws to loosen. The Rohk pen does not have rings O-rings that may get loosed easily or screws that may fly off during falls, or the type of mechanism found in fancy metal pans.

Waterproof/shockproof — Throw a metal pen or its plastic counterpart in water and your pen is forever gone. The Rohk pen is comparable to none other. The pen is waterproof, so even after falling into water, nothing changes, the pen still works as good as new. Its single piece exterior prevents water and moisture from seeping through and damaging sensitive parts of the pen. The single piece exterior also allows it to be shockproof, making it withstand whatever is thrown at it.

Rifle-bolt action — The only moving part of the pen is the bolt, which works with the inspiration of a rifle gun. It can be quickly activated with a flick of a thumb. The tough upgraded material is used for the production of the bolt to ensure it does not break. It is understandable that the bolt will be under a lot of pressure from constant flicking so that material used in its making is one that can endure such stress.

Single moving part — One of the weaknesses of metal pens is their multiple moving parts, which may easily break, loose, wear-off, etc. The Rohk pen features only one moving part, the bolt. This singularity of body movement guarantees the pen a lifetime reliability.

Grip distances — The Rohk pen features as operator grip, a writing grip with sufficient friction to allow for outdoor use, so even while moisture is present in the palm, the pen can still be held with ease. Also, the grip distances from the page are sufficient enough, such that it allows for long-term writing comfort. The distance between the tip of the pen and the operator grip is 20mm. This would keep the fingers from the page and allow for prolonged writing.

Easily refillable — The Rohk pen is refillable and it uses the widely available G2/Parker style refills.

Integrated pocket clip — The pen features an integrated pocket clip with a strong grip, which allows the pen to stay firmly inside the pocket and even if owner bends his back over, the pen stays and will not fall out.

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