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If you’re the kind of person who loves to experiment and coming up with amazing dishes in the kitchen, then you definitely know how important it is to have a reliable knife. Your knives basically make or break you when it comes to attaining success in the kitchen. Tired of always having to buy a gazillion knives because they either break too easily or they never maintain their sharpness for as long as you’d like? Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a hope at the end of your tunnel of frustration.

Introducing the new Habitat Kitchen Knives. These awesome knives are designed to meet all your kitchen needs and ensure that you will out goes frustration in the kitchen.

Overview — What are Habitat Knives?

The key essential of any knife should meet are the sharpness, durability, user safety, and the material used. The Habitat knives are designed to meet all these standards and to offer the consumers the best experience they can have. The one unique feature about Habitat knives is the high-quality metal alloy from which they are made from. With that, they are able to maintain their edge better and longer which also able to retain their sharpness for much longer period of time in comparison to other knives in the market. The long durability of the knife ensures that consumers don’t have to keep on adding the purchase of knives to their shopping list making it a cost-effective product. The knives also come in different sizes which gives you a wide range of applications. These traits make these knives the way to go when it comes to choosing a knife to use in your kitchen.

New features — What we love about the Habitat Knives

The Habitat knives have changed the game in the knife making industry which has existed for over 200 years. They are made from a metal alloy that was developed by Caltech and was later tested by NASA before it was finally patented. The beauty of this alloy is that it is harder than steel, but not brittle and neither does it rust. This means that the knife is able to achieve high levels of sharpness without running into the risk of having the edges chipping off easily.

The use of the metal alloy allows the Habitat Knives edge to sustain an aggressive angle of 12.5 degrees to a total of 25 degrees. Ths ensures that the knives are able to maintain a sharp angle, making them have an easier and more precise cut. The Habitat Knives’ blade is made of steel while the edge is made from metal alloy. This gives the knives an edge since the combination of hardness, high elasticity, and corrosion resistance so that the knives can have a high durability for a longer period.

The edge of the Habitat Knives has a natural nano-serration at the molecular level. This feature is what makes the knives cut effortlessly with the least power exerted. Ths is because the nano-serration resembles microscopic ultra-hard “teeth” which go a long way in enhancing the cutting power of the knives. An added advantage of the nano-serration is that as the knives being used, the microscopic teeth get to expose themselves and in the process of which they essentially self-sharpening. This is what sets apart the Habitat Knives from their competition, allowing them to maintain their ultimate edge for a far longer period.

Pros — What makes the Habitat knives great?

The Habitat Chef Knife blade is wider and longer than most other knives. Ths ensures that you have a bigger cutting surface area and more precise cuts, making it more efficient to use.

The knives are extremely lightweight which make them easy to maneuver. You can, therefore, be able to use them for long periods without feeling fatigue or cramping in your hand. The Habitat Santoku Knife has a Granton edge which is designed to keep things from sticking to the knife. This comes in handy, especially when cutting up things that retain water, tomatoes for example. The Habitat Paring Knife is designed to have a thin and sharp tip which goes a long way to ensure that you are able to get the perfect cuts in cases where accuracy and precision are highly called for.

It comes in handy when cutting up things that are too small than the chef knife since it’s a smaller version of the chef knives.

The pricing of the Habitat knives is consumer friendly. Given their awesome features, they are well priced. The Habitat knives have an artistic, distinctive, ergonomically designed which makes them easy to hold and use. The knives are versatile which ensures that you can use them for a varying range of tasks. The sharp blade ensures that not only do you have an easy time getting your cutting job done, you also get to stop stressing over dealing with tough foods since the blade makes their cutting job so much easier. Also, the high levels of durability allow the knife to survive through the worst conditions that can happen to it, including being dropped on to the floor. The steel composition of the knife ensures that it is safe to use for all types of food since there is no risk of corrosion occurring.

Cons — Things to improve

Given the generally positive feedback received from customers, the Habitat Knives have set the standard of knives by meeting all the five key essentials of a chef knife. As it is, the only way to go from here is improving the technology to make it smoother and better.

Comparison to other knives, The Habitat Knives rank high above the charts when compared to other knives produced by companies such as Hankels, Global, and Cutco. They are the only one made from this new technology which simply means that they are the only one which can boast of having the benefits accredited with the use of this new technology. This basically means that knives produced from other companies, even though they can have lower prices or has been around for longer in the industry, the new technology employed by the makers of the Habitat knives places their products way below the standard needed to deem a knife as a quality product. The high reviews received from the wide array of professional chefs who have tested the product

This campaign has been marked as “Project we love” by Kickstarter. Also, it has been testified by lots of positive reviews from professional chefs who have personally used the product.

Bottom Line

So, if you’re looking to experience the ultimate perfect knife while going about your duties in the kitchen, the Habitat Knives are the way to go. The use of these knives is so enjoyable that one of the reviewers even stated that the knife transformed the act of cutting up onions from being a sad affair to something that he really enjoyed doing so. Invest in this amazing product today. Get the most out of what you desire in a knife for at a pocket-friendly price. Refunds are available in case of any user dissatisfaction. Why stress? Get your Habitat knife today.

Invest in this amazing product today. Get the most out of what you desire in a knife for at a pocket-friendly price. Refunds are available in case of any user dissatisfaction. You can now get your Habitat knife today for only $69.

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Customer Feedback



  • Twice as strong as titanium.
  • Extra-sharp and stays sharp 5 times longer than other knives.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Light in weight.


  • Higher price compared to competitors.
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