Record Roots Review

We are all fans of music worldwide and generally our main playlists are full of many different types of music.

With the advancement of all the different types of music players and devices, hardcore music fans are always keen on obtaining all the old school tracks and collections for their favorite band or track.

This has caused a great demand over the purchasing of vinyl of a certain set of tracks; the one the reflects you the most. Here is where our featured product, Record Roots, kicks in.

Overview and Features — Pros

This product is made to hang all your favorite vinyl on the walls of your home in order to help you appreciate them as much as they should be appreciated, by displaying them in the most amazing way.

Furthermore, this product helps you access each item as simple as possible by just pulling them out of the record roots frame helping you listen to them at any time. Imagine a way to buy a music track and being able to hang it up as a poster at the same time.

Well, you have finally found that product that can help you reflect your taste in music to everyone without even having to say a single word.

As expected this product has reached its goal in no time, probably due to millions and millions of music fans out there.

Customer’s Comments — Cons 

There has not been a lot of questions circulating the product, however some concerns were around questioning how strong the wall attachment is and whether it could hold double LP albums or not.

The creators have verified that they have tried this product under a lot of different conditions for long periods of time and it has proven itself through all of the different situations.

We believe that this product is really nice to own as we have always loved and appreciated the presence of vinyl in our homes even if we do not listen to them regularly (due to the evolution of the music players technology).

However, finding a way to present them and being able to appreciate the vintage look of vinyl is something that this century needs in order to revive the hard work that has been spent on this grandpa technology.

As much as stated, there hasn’t been any type of concerns or problems issued or questioned which is a good thing to look up to.

Verdict and Conclusion

The best part of the campaign is the different testimonials that are present in their description together with the few photos showing the product in action. We believe that this adds credibility to the product and is a strong marketing strategy which is why Record Roots has reached its target in no time. If you have not yet pre-ordered your Record Root vinyl wall hanger, you should take the time to view the campaign on Kickstarter and order your own. This will be a form of design for your home, that reflects you fully while helping you listen to your favorite music with easy means.

Price and Discount

Under the Early Bird time-limited sale, you can save up to 45% off future retail price. With that being said, you can grab one now starting from just $47. The unit however, are limited.

Check out the link below to their official Kickstarter project page to learn more.

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