Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves

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The Bed Head Wave Artist Tourmaline Ceramic Deep Waver turns your hair into a work of art.




Bed Head’s No. 1 Hairstyling Tool

For distinctive, masterfully-sculpted waves that has everyone talking. The Bed Head Wave Artist Tourmaline Ceramic Deep Waver turns your hair into a work of art.

 Bed Head Wavers

Our collection of wavers is as unique as we know you like your hair to be. It’s all about high-octane hairstyles with extreme texture, volume and body the louder, the better!

Bed Head Wavers have you covered from beachy and ultra-deep waves to outrageous crimps. Whether you’re looking for a low-key for a summer style, or a defined glam wave for night, these tools give you the flexibility to customize your look and switch it up for every occasion.

All are equipped with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to give you soft, shiny results, while fast high heat lets you finish styling quickly and get to the good stuff.

Tourmaline Ceramic Wavers are a Bed Head specialty– we give you the tools, you do the wave.

About Bed Head Styling

For the rule breakers and the laugh-out-louders, the creative minds and music junkies, for daredevils and visionaries, Bed Head Styling Tools are made for you.

We know your hair is part of a bigger picture. It tells the world who you are. It’s not about following the herd — it’s about pushing boundaries and standing out, not fitting in. It’s about doing with your hair what you feel, when you feel it. Your style is your work of art and you need the tools and flexibility to craft your Mane masterpiece.

This is why Bed Head Styling offers a wide range of high-performance products that empower you to make a statement — to provoke and disrupt — with maximum impact. Whether you’re a Little Tease, a Wave Artist, or a Rock n’ Roller, Bed Head provides all the tools you need to boldly express your personal style and own it.

Your Hair, Your Way.