Anki Vector A Home Robot Who Helps Out & Hangs Out

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The patented ‘Yard Enforcer’ is a motion activated sprinkler that will cover a 1600 square foot area.



Tired of critters wreaking havoc in your yard? Are they eating or destroying your garden, flowers, or other yard vegetation? The Yard Enforcer is a motion-activated sprinkler that combines sound, water, motion and ingenuity as a defense to one of your most precious assets: your landscape. They deter deer, birds, cats, dogs, skunks, opossums, and other similar pests and animals without hurting them.


  • • Only deterrent sprinkler with both night and day detection options, so you can select different detection settings for different times of the day
  • • 120-degree arc motion sensor with night only, day only, and always on activation modes, giving you the flexibility to ensure the Yard Enforcer only activates when you need it
  • • Intelligent sensing technology for optimum water and battery conservation, in a way that sprays and deters unwanted animals without wasting water or energy
  • • 35-foot adjustable impact sprinkler and 30 minute timed watering setting, so you can use it both as a pest deterrent and a regular sprinkler
  • • Over 7,500 activation cycles on just 4 AA alkaline batteries, making for a long-lasting product that will keep your plants and gardens safe
  • • Heavy-duty construction with metal dual step spike and brass hose connection for stability and durability