Proctor Silex Buffet Server and Food Warming Tray

$74.99 $34.99

It can be used multiple ways: as a buffet meal server or a food warmer for small appetizers




Party food at the perfect temperature.

With the Proctor Silex Buffet Server and Warming Tray, there’s no reheating or refilling appetizers and entrees during your event. Just place cooked food in the included stainless steel dishes, or your own heat-safe dishes, and set the warming temperature. The tray works to maintain the temperature so you can join enjoy your party knowing the food is just right. Use this entertaining must-have two different ways – as a buffet server for dishes of food or a warming tray for bite-size appetizers.


• Easily converts from buffet server to warming tray
• 3 removable 2.2 qt. pans with covers
• 13” x 21” warming tray
• Easy-to-clean stainless steel pans
• Perfect for entertaining
• Adjustable heat
• Serve a variety of dishes on the warming tray
• Serve bite-size appetizers on the warming tray