Prepara Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister

$17.99 $14.39

EVAK Fresh Saver takes out the air! The longer your food is exposed to air, the faster it loses flavor.



Why remove air? Simple. The longer your coffee, tea, cereal and dry goods are exposed to air- the faster they lose their flavor. Prepara’s innovative airflow system automatically removes air as you press the lid down. With Evak Fresh Savers, your foods will stay fresher longer!


• Truly airtight, simply intuitive. Evak Fresh saver is a patented, fully functional innovation. No switches, Pumps or levers needed and best yet, valves never need replacing.
• Fresher longer. Scientifically proven to keep your flavors locked into the container. Air is the enemy of your food, coffee or tea. . 5 qt, . 4 L, 1. 8 cup capacity
• Resists odors and stains. Our evak Fresh saver is built to the highest standards, Only BPA free plastic touches your food, coffee or tea. Evak Fresh saver is dishwasher safe for best care and longevity.
• Awarded the number 1 choice ‘best storage containers to keep food fresh’ by both good housekeeping and progressive grocer.
• The evak Fresh saver has now won 4 Internationally recognized awards for its cosmetic design and its practical functionality.