Orion 360 Review

Almost everyone on this planet is a fan of music. This is what makes the idea of a portable speaker a smart product to sell, as the demand would never end.

However, being that this idea is viral, you can find tons of different brands out there producing the same thing. This is why having a competitive edge at this instance is a must have in order to be able to stand out compared to the other products on the shelf out there.


Orion 360 is a new product that is trying to achieve this by keeping all their technology up to date. Orion 360 is a wireless Bluetooth speakers which is embedded with 360° speaker that helps distribute the sound all over the place it’s positioned in.

This speaker has tons of modern technology that the creators hope makes it the best out there. They have focused on creating an interface which does not have any buttons on it however, navigation works by simply moving your hand over the top of the device in a certain direction; with each hand gesture giving a different action.

The feeling of achieving something with no touch in hand is a one in a lifetime thing that everyone should try.

Besides the normal technology to be found inside such a product, it has a built-in charging platform which enables fast charging.

Cons — Customer’s Thoughts and Comments

The potential buyers on kickstarter has showed their interest in this product however, there was a lot of different concerns regarding the mechanism of work involved.

The problem is, having a vague usage method for the product makes it easy to mess with. By simply moving your hand in the wrong direction you might skip the song, raise the volume or even close the whole device.

This disables user from being able to get in control of the device thoroughly.

We here believe that products that fall under this category should focus more on the quality of the output sound and the sound features rather than any other feature.

In addition, one of the main points stated in the overview video was the fact that it is made compatible and as portable as possible to fit any situation. However, the circular assembly actually limits the portability and flexibility of the device making it a hassle to be carried around.

As stated by one of the enthusiastic customers, it is important to have a working and performing prototype that people can evaluate in order to understand the quality of the intended output of the device.


Despite of the setback, Orion 360 is still cool to become one of your smart home gadgets. It’s now on under Early Bird on their Kickstarter campaign, the price starts at only $136 (affordable), therefore a well-worth investment on futuristic technology.

Also, this product has reached the needed funds for their project, with a little of excess over the threshold value. A final decision can’t be made on this product without being able to give it a full performance check in order to be able to compare it with the other currently existing speakers. However, keep the name Orion 360 on your mind at all times in order to be able to purchase one if this idea blows up.

Amount is limited, If you would like to grab one with a discounted price, check out the link below to their official Kickstarter page.

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