ORII Review

We live in a world where gadgets are gradually moving away from a screen-centric user experience.

The technology industry, especially the consumer tech field, has seen a great influx in the number of hand free gadgets. A Bluetooth device to wear on the ear, to a watch worn around the wrist- there are endless options for us to choose from and a variety of niche areas to suit different interests.

So, with the huge number of market competitors, how does the ORII fare? Let’s take a look at the product in greater detail.

What is the ORII, and how does it work?

The ORII was invented by a group of innovative individuals in Hong Kong. It is a rectangular shaped device no larger than the size of your thumb. The device is connected to a ring that is worn on the user’s index finger.

It’s a device that allows you to control your smartphone wirelessly, without actually needing to touch the phone at all. ORII is a voice based device that is activated and receives instructions by audio means- think of it as your very own personal assistant.

The ORII creators claim the nifty little gadget allows you to make calls, send and read text messages, set reminders and alarms, plan your schedule, record, translate, conduct voice searches, navigate, write notes and post to Twitter.

Key Features

The key feature of the ORII is the way in which you interact with it. To activate, bring your index finger to your ear and touch your ear. This is where bone conduction starts to work its magic- by providing a point of physical contact between your finger bone and the bones in your ear, the ORII can receive your spoken instructions based on the vibrations created.

Pretty cool. But here’s the most impressive part — it works the other way too. Yes, the ORII “speaks” directly into your ear using bone conduction instead of a conventional speaker, allowing crystal clear sound quality and ultimate privacy.

What makes the ORII great?
The ORII is an incredibly well planned and well thought out invention, and here are a few reasons why.

Firstly, the common problem of sound quality on Bluetooth devices has always been a gripe among the tech community. The ORII creators have not only addressed this problem in an innovative way but also made it the primary focus and key feature of the product. Bond conduction has never been used in a more creative way.

The privacy that the ORII provides is another huge plus. It allows you to get updates on your messages and schedule without anyone around you have the slightest chance of overhearing it. It’s great for staying unnoticed in meetings or seminars.

As a whole, it’s a great use of technology to provide incredible audio clarity and privacy that has not yet been achieved by existing products.

Waterproof — Excellent!

A concern that came to mind when learning about this product was that it would easily come into contact with water. Thankfully, the creators and development team have well addressed this issue and made the ORII splashproof, which is a huge relief. The product is evidently designed to integrate seamlessly into daily life, and it seems to have been executed well.

Cons — Where does the ORII fall short?

The ORII is still in its infant stages of development, and needless to say, there are some issues that it brings about. One of the biggest pitfalls of the otherwise great product is that aside from the remarkable user interaction system, the other features of the device seem very primitive and basic.

Receiving message updates and making calls are functions that many existing products have already sought to tackle. In addition, functions such as posting to Twitter seem rather trivial and unnecessary and don’t quite fit in with the executive, business and office-like context this product is designed for. It seems like a function that needlessly takes up space.

A huge limiting factor for the ORII is that it lacks fitness tracking abilities, or lacks the capability to sync with other fitness tracking gadgets. Existing products like the Fitbit are hugely popular, and many working individuals wear fitness trackers on their wrists on a regular basis. Having an additional ORII device worn on the ring finger would look clunky and overdone, and perhaps defeat the whole purpose of the ORII’s design as a sleek, fashionable gadget. Perhaps, this could be an area for future development.

In Verdict

As a whole, the ORII is a great step forward in wireless, screen-less technology. It addresses the limitations of existing products while providing consumers with helpful and convenient alternatives to conventional smartphone functions. While there is room for improvement, the ORII is a worthy investment that could greatly speed up productivity in the office or at home.

Each ORII is expected to retail at $160 in future, but now you can grab one with just $99 under their early bird (38% Off). The quantity is limited, check the link below for availability.

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