Oenophilia Blank Wine Glass Stemtags, Set of 100

$16.10 $8.49

Wine Glass Drink Markers for Cocktails, Martinis, Champagne Flutes Fits Around Stem



This set of 100 wine tags are perfect for any wine tasting party! Write names, numbers or event varietals on these tags.


• Don’t lose your drink!: There are multiple occasions that may require that a stem be tagged
• Put Your Name On Your Drink: For parties one can keep up with one’s glass by writing one’s name on the tag
• Great For Wine Tastings: At tastings a specific varietal may be written on the tag to denote the wine being tasted
• Ideal For Blind Wine Tasting: For blind tastings, numbers may be used
• 100 Count: These Stemtags Come in set of 100