Numi Smart Pack Review

Travelling is part of our life. Some people do it for pleasure while some have to do for work. When you are moving from one place to another, transportation mode may vary, some might use public transport, trains, airplanes or bicycling but there will be one thing common in all, and that is your belongings. And most of the times we are puzzled about packing, what to stuff into what to save space, check list for the camera, charger, etc.

This all happens because we don’t have a particular place to put things into. Here is the one solution to all your problems. It has dedicated space for everything you need, ample amount of space.

“Travelling is not something you are good at, it’s something you do like breathing.”

Numi Smart pack – your travel manager to assist you when you in need. Running out of power, use USB 3.0 port. Quick access to your camera to capture the moment. Stuck in a jungle, no power source nearby, use a solar panel (an infinite source of power). Numi Smart Pack provides one solution to all your problems. It has all the place for your needs on the way. It has dedicated a place for camera, cash, cards and much more.

Taking care of what you need.

Thinking of what to place where? – Try Numi Smart Pack

Features – Whats new and different?

Mobile Power House – It contains integrated 7-watt solar panel, which takes 1.5 hours to charge a phone at 1x. There are 2 integrated USB 3.0 ports for the charging on the go. It has Battery of 22 000 mAh for normal size bag 30L and 11 000 mAh for small size bag 20L, which can charge a phone or a tablet up to 11x. All these features are included to make sure you never run out of power.

weather proof – are you worried about the weather at your destination? Please don’t. Because Numi Smart Pack got you covered. There is rain hood to avoid unexpected rainstorm and continuing your journey. A rain cover for the backpack for the worst condition although backpack it self is water repellent. And again you don’t have to worry about the place to put them, they already have it in.

Ease of Access

Take out or put back without disturbing the other things looks like a real challenge? Not anymore. There is a separate compartment for the user. A camera compartment is at the back, whenever you want to click nature or monument building you won’t miss it. Smartphone holder at the strap, while using navigation system or charging the phone it is not necessary to hold the phone then don’t. Use the smartphone holder and free your hands. Sunglasses holder is also there are the strap, if not using sunglasses place it in the holder like your smartphone.

Want to Hide something – care about your valuables?

Use hidden pockets. There are several hidden zippers and pockets for hiding your important things like Credit card, money. You don’t have to worry about the pickpockets anymore.

Real Strong

Numi Smart Pack is designed in such a way that the bottom is really strong from the outside and softer on the inside to provide the cushioning effect for the safety of the valuables inside. High-quality zippers (YKK) are used to make sure the durability of the zippers. To life, the bag strong and durable handles have been provided.

Customise your backpack

It gives a great number of options for customisation. It has a detachable laptop sleeve, which comes with a handle. It has detachable cloth sleeve. Which also comes with a handle. You can carry laptop and cloth sleeve like a suitcase separately. The camera compartment is also detachable and can be carried separately. Water bottle holder is also detachable, use it when you want to carry a water bottle. The smart pack comes with the adjustable sleeves, which can be expanded according to the need. Size of the bag also can be adjusted with adjustable strap. It gives you the complete freedom of space according to your need.

Cons – What to Improve

Nothing is perfect but it is almost perfect. After discussing a lot of pros now it’s time to look at some of the cons. There is a space issue, after installing the laptop sleeve and the cloth sleeve there won’t be much space available. But without laptop and cloth sleeve you have plenty of space. Now about the rain cover, it only covers your neck, not the full body. No power in rain, it’s solar panel won’t supply power in the bad weather or without the sun but still, you can use the batteries installed in it. Phone holder might not as efficient as it should be because the suction cup will work only on the flat surface and elastic holder can’t hold the phone alone as the phone size varies.

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