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As for most people who work 9 to 5, walk into some restaurants for dinner with your loved one isn’t always a choice, but sometimes, a necessity. Most of the white-collars like us are often eating out simply because of preparing a meal at home is not feasible. Even if it does, it will be at most twice a week.

Therefore, eating outdoor is seemingly more common and convenient way to satiate your hunger. The reason of people are not willing to prepare meals at home is because it took up a lot of time to prepare and clean up afterward. Unless you are a Michelin grade chef, which otherwise, preparing a table of healthy dishes for your family or your own is not easy for today’s modern lifestyle.

On the other hand, no one would like to eat the same dishes every day. Here comes the Nise Wave. This device doesn’t just help you to prepare the daily meal on the shoulder-to-shoulder level but also helping you to improve your cooking skills, saving time, and change your lifestyle.


Nise Wave is a system that comes with an app and a set of Nise Wave kit. It guides you step by step to prepare your own meal starts from the buying the right ingredients (or use the existing), select from over 100 of recipes, set your favorite doneness, schedule your time, and enjoy the perfect meal prepared by you. Even if you never cook before.

Tired of eating outdoor? Try this. 

Features of this Sous Vide Machine — What’s cool?

Nise Wave is a perfect done-for-you cooking system to save up lots of your time. Whether if you are tired of dining outdoor or wanted to save some hard earned money, this program will help you in such a way that you are actually helping yourself.

A perfect meal is done by me? Nah, It’s impossible. 

Hundreds of gourmet recipes — A user-based recipes system allows you to select your favorite meals for today. Whether it’s appetizer, main, entree or mouth-watering desert, Nase Wave got your back. Never hide your success! you can even share your own recipe to the community for opinions.

Sous Vide Cooking — This system uses a waterproof Nise Wave Sous Vide to control the precise changes of water temperature so that to effectively cook up your sealed food in the water. Via the app, you will be notified when the cooking is ready, therefore no more over- or under-cooked meat!

This method has been proven to obtain consistent results, therefore you will never have to worry about how long to cook to meet your desired tenderness. Thus, cooking will be much easier and simple, time in time out. Medium-rare or well done, it’s totally up to you!

Of course, when you are at the advanced level, you can always follow your heart to manually cook it in the way you like. Plus, since it’s connected to wifi, you can even remotely cook up your pre-prepared food before you reach home.

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.

A fast 15 meals — A family feast?  With the 1200W of Sous Vide, you can cook up to 15 regular sized meals at a time. It’s recommended to have a maximum volume of 10 gallons (38L) of water for each Sous Vide.

Be more healthy — By adjusting to the lower temperature while keeping all the “juices” in the meat, the system helps to keep an eye on the cooking, while you will have a healthy meal with more nutritional values. The temperature curve also helps to retain as much nutrition as possible.

Nise Wave App

Unlike your regular old recipe cook, Nise Wave smartly integrates the app to sync to Sous Vide. The app interface is simple and easy to navigate. Much more than a recipe menu, it’s your personal cooking guru starts from selecting the ingredient up until the perfect delicious meal is ready on the table.

It has an alarm system to remind you of the time, therefore, there’s no more rushing, skipping and over-cooked. Also, you can sort the cooking by cooking time or dietary restriction to fit your healthy lifestyle.

So, What’s bad?

Cons — The Bad

After we have discussed so many pros about the product, here goes the cons. First off, this is not a new technology as lots of company are already working on this system in a similar way. For example, Sous Vide Precision Cooker by Anova and ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide are both already in the market for a while. 

On the other hand, there’s no perfect recipe for each ingredient. Meats, for example, each piece of lamb steaks are different in fluidity, tenderness, freshness, fat/protein composition, etc. Thus, there is no perfect recipe to ensure each time you will have the same taste or doneness.

Each HDPE food-grade bag is only reusable up to 3 times and you will need to hand wash after use. Refilling the bag is a hassle, and is neither good for the environment nor to your wallet.

Price, Discount, and Bonus

Nise Wave is now available on Kickstarter starts at only $119 where you can save up to 40% under the campaign. Each Sous Vide is expected to retail at $199, quantity is limited, check the button below for availability.

As a bonus, you can also choose the reward bundle with the vacuum kit and kitchen essential kit at an exceptionally low price.

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