Neewer Handheld Stabilizer Tracking Smartphone

$89.99 $67.15

3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer with Auto Tracking




This gimbal works with smartphones to turn your mobile phone into a professional film making camera, helping you create stable and smooth footage with just your phone. You can use several modes to control. Additional exciting features include Perfect Panoramas, Object Tracking, and the always impressive Time-Lapse, etc. It will bring you unprecedented experience of smooth operation. You can zoom in or out as you want to take close-up shots by controlling the rotating ring, helping you get high-precision focus changes in real time to create creative shots.


• Durable and Lightweight: Made of high-quality materials, solid and durable. Weighing only 16.23 ounce/460 gram. It can work perfectly with your lovely mobile phones to take the stable and smooth videos and photos
• 2 Charging Ways: The battery indicator tells you how much power is left. The stabilizer can be charged by portable power source and the phone can be charged by the stabilizer via USB port; The built-in 3000 mAh Li-ium battery runs continuously for 12 hours
• 3 Working Modes: There are 3 working modes available, as in Pan Following Mode, Following Mode and Locking Mode. The rocking bar can move in all directions so as to meet different shooting angles
• High Playability: Personilized APP with multiple functions such as face tracking, object tracking, panoramic shooting, time lapse shooting etc. Recognizing the face and automatically track for taking picture and videos
• Excellent for Balance: The strechable phone clip is available for all smartphones in 6 inch and below. Users are able to operate it both horizontally and vertically. The adjustable knob on the arm is possible for moving in and out, which is helpful to balance