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If you are a person who meets a lot of problems trying to find the most suitable wear for your everyday use then you will definitely enjoy this product today.

The main problem here is the people who are tall but slim. Most brands and manufacturers worldwide relate taller sizes with wider shirts, as if all tall people are also heavy in weight. But in reality, this created a problem to all the people out there who are tall and slim have to wear a shirt that either is too big or they have to tailor all their newly bought clothes.

This is why Navas Lab has taken the step to create a product that would fit all the tall guys out there helping them find a piece that fits their height and still looks slim and tidy.

Features — What’s so special?

Pros and Cons 

This wear is made from a certain elastic bamboo material that is purely organic that helps the clothes have a certain fit on it and even prevents it from shrinking after the wash.

The pros of using this product are the fact that it will fit you no matter what your size is and the elasticity part will help you create the perfect fit.

However, the disadvantages of this particular product are the lack of quality and elegance in the material used together with the weak designs that have been shown in the campaign which is too basic for any user.

We believe that the problem tackled with this product is actually an important thing that no one else has focused on solving which might be the start point towards the success of the product.

However, we think that the proposed solution was very basic without any innovative edge and it wasn’t even appealing to most people as the community usually tends to lean toward the known brands.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign shows a few different colors for the wears created which gives an idea of the actual final image that will be obtained. However, there hasn’t been any community engagement on the campaign.

Furthermore, this product has only reached 20% of its goal within 4 days of launching of the campaign. This might be a great start but if there isn’t any type of engagement with the potential customers, this might mean a downside from this point.

Verdict — Worth a buy?

Overall, this product might not be a success with its initial start point, however, if it is developed further to reach certain fashion specifications it will definitely attract more people than the current found. This doesn’t change the fact that some people are fully frustrated from this problem and will buy this cloth disregarding any design or quality as it is a need to them rather than a want.

You have to go check their Kickstarter campaign page in order to learn more about the creator and the material used. If you are one of the people who rarely find clothes that fit you, then you should definitely backup this campaign as its success would mean the dawn of a new brand name to your life.

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