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From within our human nature and the biological formation of our bodies, it’s only normal that with time our fingers start to grow nails. Growing nails is something normal within the human race and getting rid of the excess parts is only more common and normal; for hygiene and looks purposes.

However, sometimes the process of clipping your nails gets harder and harder due to different reasons. This could be due to the lack of certain minerals in your diet which causes the nails to get hard or tougher to clip.

It might be even due to the age of the person, which is a factor that causes nails to get harder and tougher. The hassle is created while clipping nails, where the clipped parts start flying around the room causing a mess and sometimes even get into your eyes.

Features — Pros and Cons


Here is where the idea of Nail-It was created! Nail-It is a useful transparent small plastic that can be attached easily to any clipper. Its versatility is the major component that allows it to fit on any type and size of clipper out there.

It has an opening that helps you to get your fingers towards the clipper and successfully collects the clipped nails within it.

The advantages of owning such a device would be the fact that the nail clipping process is going to be as clean and as safe as possible. Furthermore, it is easily disposal and even easier to clean up the cap.


However, a few downsides would be the fact that the small product can easily be lost.

Adding to that, having a larger clipper fit inside the elastic material might cause a deformation, as time progresses, which will not allow smaller clippers to be held tightly.

Not only that but having a certain item around the clipping end will limit the angles of clipping and might even affect the vision of the user.


There has not been much of engagement on the Kickstarter campaign regarding the product. Yet, there has been a relatively good number of backers for this idea which shows that it might actually be important, at least to a few people.

This has helped the creator reach almost 93% of the funds needed successfully, two weeks within the launching. We believe that this product is a simple, yet bright idea as similar ideas do not exist nor is there a development plan for the Clippers.

However, the quality of the product looks quite weak and might fail in no time. Furthermore, in my own opinion, I think that the problem of scattering nails and nail clipping is not that big of a deal forcing us to buy a product to solve. It might be a little cheap to own this, however, the shipping cost is a little high which might not be suitable for other backers who are suited in other countries of the world. Overall, the idea might not be the worst out there, but the implementation itself can get much better.

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