Moovy Review

For the past years, technology has become part and parcel of our lives.

Circumstances force people to carry devices everywhere they go. Some need them to help them do their jobs efficiently. Others need to take them to school to help them study. On the other hand, some need them to keep them entertained.

It is hard to deny just how nice it feels when you are traveling when watching a movie especially on a public bus full of noises. Are you tired of always looking for sockets to charge your device? The chances are that the search is always in vain. This review analyzes the Moovy bag. Could it offer the relief one needs?

Moovy Bag — Built-in Solar + Battery Backpack & Shoulder Bag

Features & Overview

The kit that ensures that commuting with your bag is a problem of the past. It is modern with techniques that ensure that you are organized as well as always connected. For a frequent user of a laptop, the Moovy bag seems to be the best.


  • Built-in solar panel — which ensures charging of your device. Laptops are very entertaining until the battery runs low. In some situations, it is a matter of life and death. Maybe it is ten minutes to a presentation. With moovy bag, that will never be a bother. It keeps charging using the solar panel.
  • Built-in power bank — During the cold seasons, the solar panel may not be reliable. That is where the power bank comes in. When the laptop notifies you that the battery is running low, the power bank can be used to charge it. The power bank ensures that one is always connected. MagSafe allows one to charge the laptop using a magnetic cable.

Other features include first charging Qualcomm, smart power management and USB C hub.

PROS – What’s so special

The high-quality Italian leather makes sure that no dust particles can enter and in the case of rain, it acts as waterproof. Laptops do not respond well to water. That will ensure that no worries when the rain starts pouring on your way home or as you head to work.

The magnetic latches strength ensures that chances of the breaking are minimal. Bags locks tend to break, and the magnetic latches seem to counter the issue.

The anti-scratch canvas keeps the bag in its original look. Even when the bag will be five years old, the chances are that it will look new.

The dedicated spots for everything ensure that you stay organized. A place for the phone, charger, a laptop and a tablet too. The charger and power bank also has a particular location. That means that one knows where to get what.

Quick access pockets have been put in place to help access things easily and fast. Once the laptop alerts the user that it is running low, the faster the person gets the charger, the better to avoid loss of data.

Shock absorbers prevent damage of a device in case the bag falls. Accidents are inevitable, and the moovy bag does not take a chance in case the bag falls. That ensures the safety of every device inside the bag. The enhanced portability of the bag regardless of the toughness of the journey. One can carry on the hand, shoulder back as well as dragging it around. That gives the owner varieties to choose.

There is a fast response to customers.

CONS — What to Improve

  • Lack of trackers. The fact that the contents of the bag are valuable calls for backing and tracking gadgets installation.
  • Anti-theft business laptop backpack with USB charging is available On the market. The moovy pack should adopt that too.
  • The price is also relatively high compared to that of others. Unless the target market is only the well off, that should be given some attention.

Customer Responses — General Thoughts and Discussion

They need an option of picking the color they wish for when placing an order. Every person has an intensity of preference, and that should No company can afford to take any preference for granted. The color issue has cost many a sale.

They also claim that the shipping to other countries should be available as soon as possible. Since the internet has no boundaries, someone from another country could spot it and get interested. It is disappointing when notified that the shipment of the item wherever you are is not possible.

FAQ should be highlighted to save the customer the trouble of having to type every word of a common question. A clear explanation of exactly what full package contains.

Price and Discount

Each Moovy bag is expected to retail at $293. The good news is that it’s now available on Kickstarter starts at only $148 with a limited quantity. For those of you who would like to give this cool bag a try, feel free to check the link below for latest pricing and availability.

Check Price and Availability

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