MNML Wallet Review

One of the most used common tool for all the humans on this earth is the wallet.

We might sometimes find a hassle in using the wallet in the right away due to its large size and the different pockets that confuse us while trying to pay. It is always embarrassing in long queue lines when the delay is in trying to get your stuck card from inside the wallet.

Putting all these points into consideration MNML Wallet is the newest invention designed and created to fit all your needs.

Overview and Features — pros

The creators focused on achieving the smallest available size for your wallet, big enough for your cards to fit in.

This decrease in size is believed to ease the process of using your wallet at any time. Furthermore, it is designed in a way to add you use your most used card as easy as possible by just pushing up on it and have it ready in your hand.

Another pocket is made precisely for the direct use of paper money if this is the preference of your choice.

In addition, the wallet is fitted in with a RFID chip which can be used by using their mobile app. The sole purpose of this RFID chip is to be able to find your wallet if you misplace it at any time by giving out an alarm sound that will direct you directly towards it.

On Kickstarter, there hasn’t been any audience engagement ever since the launching a week ago, however, they were able to reach almost 25% of the needed funds in only 5 days of the launching.

Customer’s comments, thoughts, and suggestions  — cons

The concerns generally would roam around the design of the wallet and the limited variations that exist. Yet it should be expected from the creators to develop their product after launching to tons of different designs that would suit the preference of all the different potential buyers.

By far, the wallet has two main variations one is the basic which can hold up to 4 cards while the bigger version holds up to 10 cards at a time.

Through the overview video, you can clearly observe the time invested in trying to perfect the wallet in many aspects, especially in partnering with a leather company which is of great quality.


The MNML Wallet might be the right product for you if you are a person who is always finding difficulties reaching into your wallet and using it directly.

On the other hand, it might not seem as a product worth investing in due to the fact that the physical payment methods are slowly being removed from our society day by day. Both ways, the MNML Wallet is a product that tackles a certain issue which should be considered by all wallet users.

MNML Wallet is now on Kickstarter for just $63 under their early bird campaign. Amount is limited however, you may check the availability via link below to their official project page.

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