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Mark Bifold: The Best Minimalist Bifold Slim Wallet Ever


Everyone is looking for quality yet affordable and nice looking wallet for their cards, bills, receipts, name-cards, etc. First thing I realized when I looked at the Mark Bifold was the signature triangle cutout for easy access to cards. All wallets I’ve had before didn’t have this and it was really embarrassing to pull those cards out in a long line of queue.

One more good thing is the pocket for coins since most of the classic wallet is mainly designed for cards and pockets. Those coins ain’t meant for the gentleman, whereby tossing ’em into the banknotes compartment would only add more bulk to your pocket. End up coins are usually left on the restaurant table as a tip for servers.

Unlike the other, Mark Bifold is on a whole new level.

Features — What’s so special

In this review, we are going to bring you to all the pros and the reason of why you should have this modern wallet. Mark Bifold has a thoughtful small pocket for your tiny SIM and SD cards. This small pocket adds a sense of secureness for those who always misplace their SIM/SD cards elsewhere. You may lose your cards, but not your wallet this time.

For design, Mark Bifold is the wallet for minimalists. It is a minimalist wallet with lots of compartment and features. When filled, it remains thin and slim. It does not just carry your bills and cards, but also your pride.

There are multiple variations of Mark. You can get it in leather or oxford canvas. With Oxford canvas, you can get it in either black or British green color. With leather, you can get it in the Crazy House or Nappa black. Choose which one is the best for you!

The common wallet problems

Just like you, with all the wallets that I’ve had before, there was always with lots of problems. The first wallet I had in my childhood was the worse. It is a zipper wallet with only two compartments. Aside from its poor quality, the wallet was bulky and ugly. When it was in my pocket, it looked like I was keeping something really big in my pocket. Years later, I got another adult wallet. It was big too, but a little more comfortable. But there was one bad thing about it. There was a pocket for small change, but it always fell out of it. Now I’ve got another one with a magnet. It is small and easy to access to the money because of the magnet that snaps. It is small and comfortable.

Verdict and Final Words

But anyway, I am looking forward to getting my Mark Bifold, because this is probably one of the best modern wallets. I am a minimalist, and I like stylish and modern stuff. Also, you need to carry your wallet almost 24/7, so, there is no reason for it to be uncomfortable and bad looking, right?

They say, your belongings reflect your personality. And that is what Mark does, it mirrors your taste and character. It tells who you are. In addition, you will get an ultra slim Walkie Pen. For the business man, Mark Bifold comes with a small pen that you can attach to this wallet and take with you.

My review rating on this product is 4.5 out of 5. Mark Bifold is now available on Kickstarter for just $25, where it’s expected to retail at $45. You can check the latest pricing and availability via the link below.

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