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As the proverb goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I believe the people from the NAM Watch Company had followed that rule while designing the new Mahameru digital watch. The new Mahameru watch brought to us NAM Watch Company is a unique and stylish detail for a classy and modern man of today’s world. The Mahameru watch is inspired by the design of the 1950s, with all necessities of the modern day watches.

Why the 1950s?

According to people from the NAM Watch Company, the 1950s were the era of great style, when the man wore suits, polished shoes, and classy watches. That was the time where the art of making genuine watches was highly appreciated, and attention to details was important in everyday style. And with the new Mahameru automatic, the attention to details is brought to perfection.

What makes the MAhameru watch unique

The watch has engraved letter N from NAM company on the crown. Even though it is a small detail, it brings a strong emphasis on the class and style of its owner, as well as the engravings on the buckle. The other barely noticeable detail is the NAM symbol placed under the numeral 12. It is not flashy and doesn’t interfere with its overall look.

A smooth surface of the Mahameru watch is the first thing you will notice, and it indicates that the crown has been properly polished. Unlike the modern, digital watches, the new Mahameru has specific dial patterns which resemble the ones from the 50s.

Why is the new Mahameru watch different from the other vintage-designed watches

When it comes to the classy vintage design, Shinola Watch Company has presented their The Runwell watch with the same idea — to make a classy watch with the retro design. While the case width of the new Mahameru watch is 39mm, the case of the Runwel is slightly bigger: 47mm.

The first thing I have noticed is the style used for the numerals. The guilloche style of the Mahameru numerals is more aesthetic and goes better with the retro design of the watch. The logo of the Runwell is more noticeable, while with Mahameru you can barely see it.

The price of a Mahameru watch is set to be $299, while the Shinola Runwell costs $550. The overall impression is that the Mahameru watch has a better vintage design, and the people from the NAM company were more detail-oriented while designing the watch.

Great design combined with the high-quality materials

The case is 39mm wide, and 11.8mm thick. The spacing between the lugs is 47mm and the lug width is 18mm. Having the lug width that big, this watch can easily fit the slimmer wrist as equally as the thicker one. The case is made out of stainless steel and it has a see-through back, so you can see the mechanism inside this unique retro watch. The watch is water resistant up to 100m. The non-centred crown is a special and unusual detail which makes this watch even more unique.

The watch is available in five different versions, two with the red band and three with the black bank. The red bank comes combined with the blue and the cream while sub dial, while the black band comes with black, white, and cream while sub dial.

The question is — is there anything not to like about this watch?

Cons — the things we would change

The 39mm case may be a little small, so it would be nicer is it were a few mm wider. Combined with the 47mm lugs, it looks even smaller. On the other hand, maybe the wider case wouldn’t look so good with the overall vintage design.

Price, discount, and bonus

One of the things you should know about the NAM watch company is that they are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. so they can put a competitive price to their product. They launched their first campaign via Kickstarter two years ago and did it with a big success.

Mahameru digital is newly available on the Kickstarter for only $149. It will be expected to retail at $299 for each Mahameru. Depending on a campaign, you can save up to $150 for one item, or you can have two of them for the price of one. The campaign goes up to offer the people to pledge $1379 for ten items, in which case the saving will be more than 100%. Visit the link below for latest pricing and availability.

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