Why do some people still wear wristwatches?

Most of us wear watches for the obvious reason of needing to knowing the time at any moment. Yet, after the massive introduction of the mobile phones in our lives, the use of the watches has been degraded due to the presence of built-in digital clock.

You would think the use of watches would decrease and the watch market would reach an irreversible dead-end.

However, a phenomena arose which showed a sustainability in the number of sales of watches.

This is due to the luxuries looks that the watches provide to an individual; as the watches field has focused on upgrading the designs available making it even more attractive despite the purpose of the product.

What is LMTS Watches?

Here comes LMTS watches, who have dedicated their time and efforts in creating luxury and well-designed watches which will be affordable to population in order to help people reach the inner satisfaction that they are looking for.

The watches are normal watches which are designed to give a luxurious look with the best material out there.

Pros and Cons

The fact of it being affordable is the biggest competitive advantage that LTMS are focusing on as watches lately have been almost unaffordable to the general public which was the motivating point to LTMS to be able to create watches which everyone can get without compromising quality at any point.

In compare to some of the branded wristwatches in the market, despite of its excellent quality, LTMS starts at only $79 under their early bird campaign.

There hasn’t been any indications of the final price of the product however, the creators are guaranteeing that it is the main point of attraction for their product.

One of the great feature on these watches is that the watches are waterproof and can be used in any situation without any danger on its performance.

Looking at the competitors out there, it is simply not easy for any uprising idea to try to eat a part of a well-established market especially when it is on the lap of certain huge company names that have been well and up for uncountable years.

It is guaranteed that these companies will not lower their prices to compete with LMTS, yet further developments in their process will be entailed to crush the competition.


Overall, the watches are elegant in design and as their motto states this product will definitely provide the user with high confidence levels due to their strong design.

Remarkably, it is also the lifetime warranty provided with the watch that gives a huge confidence while usage due to the fact that you guarantee a strong after sales process.

On kickstarter, this product has reached a $1000 funds in only 4 days which shows a great deal of excitement to the idea and the process. If you are into watches you need to go check this product out as LTMS might dominate the watches market anytime in the future.

This product is not available yet on Amazon and eBay. Check out the link below to their official project page.

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