Lifepack Hustle Review

It’s a known fact that almost 90% of people worldwide leave their houses with not more than 3 type of bags for many different reasons. Whether you need it for work, for school, for holding a lot of your possessions or even for the fashion behind it.

There’s never one-size-fits-all.

We can’t deny that there are always some flaws in every bag designs that makes it unsatisfying from the other one which eventually leads us to frustration in no time. This could be a weak zipper, limited compartments, unsafe design or even as simple as just the look of it.

Because of this, the creators of Lifepack Hustle have dedicated all their time and efforts to creating the best bags out there which ideally defeats all the shortcomings that other existing bags have formed.

Features – Pros and Cons


The main target was to create a bag that can never be stolen by creating a lock system that has to be tied around a certain object; exactly like a bike. They even developed the idea further into creating the right compartments, with secret ones for your important possessions and a fast magnetic lock.

There are many different features that can be seen through their demo video on Kickstarter, however, one worth mentioning is the 10 000 mAh solar portable charger included with the bag. This is a charger that can be charged manually or through the sun by a solar panel attached to it.

It is included as they are aware of the importance of using a mobile and they are appreciating the hard struggles met when your phone loses power. Given that mobile devices are of great importance and is needed by the common society.

Lifepack Hustle is durable and weather-proof. It also included a number of designs and color themes for your styles.


There has been a great engagement on the project’s page with concerns about the power bank included where everyone is asking for a better more efficient of the product. This has blurred the main selling point — Hustle Lifepack, which should be the bag itself and the concept of having a portable charger included is just a complement to the main.

Hustle Lifepack designs to be packed and condensed for most of your essential. However, it is a snug-fit for a 15″ laptop but not for your 17″ Laptop.

Lack of RFID protection over electronic products. Most of the bag nowadays are equipped with RFID protection to further ensure the electronics security awareness.

Some have suggested to include a velcro latch so that to make sure everything is in tight and neat.

Verdict and Conclusion

Nonetheless, Lifepack Hustle is made of the high quality and is suitable for most of your daily activities. Apart of its elegance in design, it offers a number of useful features that are totally worth the price that you paid for.

Talking about the price, this Canada-made Lifepack Hustle is now available for just $89 (solar power bank included) under their early bird campaign. In other words, you can save up to 50%! The units are limited, grab one before it’s all gone! Check the link below to their official site for the available prices.

It is clearly on Kickstarter that this product is loved by lots of people (1.6k backers) and this project has reached to more than 200% of its target in a little amount of time; validating the need and awesomeness. We recommend that you should take the time to view this product and the overview video which will help you understand more why is it important and how efficient the team of creators is. Given that they have previously launched a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the brand name established is one of the selling points behind this amazing product; not that it needs it.

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