Liberex Multi-Functional UV/LED Smart Nail Dryer

$269.51 $24.99

Simple and elegant appearance, ABS material with UV face can effectively prevent the nail machine from breaking when it is dropped, which is easy to clean and scratch-resistant.





• No Dead Angle Nail Dryer – Liberex UV gel nail lamp adopt advanced technology– dual optical wavelength (365nm+405nm), works with ALL kinds of UV and LED gel nail polish. 36pcs lamp beads evenly distribute inside, it would helps to uniformly cure gel nail polish faster, solve the problem of the dead end of the thumb and little finger perfectly
•120s Smart Low Heat Painless Mode – is a humanized functions designed for people with thin fingernail. Curing a part of gel nail polish by low heat mode at first, then enhance the power gradually, which can protect your nail, reduce the burning pain caused by high-power from the start
•Smart Sensor & 4 Timer – Thanks to the smart Infrared sensor, light on once put your hands/foot in, light off when hands/foot out, also with the 10s/30s/60s/120s smart timer function, it would automatic countdown, liberate your hands completely
•Non – harmful, Non – Blacken – Liberex UV nail light generate daylight non-ultraviolet white light safe for eyes, say goodbye to outdated single UV lamps causing troubles with blackened hand. With stylish and elegant appearance, large space, is the best option for home or salon use