LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine

$39.95 $17.67

LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker with Fan Sounds, White Noise, and Ocean Sounds for Sleep and Sound Masking




An Advanced, Compact Sound Machine

The LectroFan micro is a compact portable white noise and sound machine that offers many uses from privacy to a good night’s sleep for all ages. The micro has 10 unique non looping sounds including 5 different fan sounds, 4 white noises, and an ocean soundstory. The sounds can be personalized with the ability to precisely select the volume from a whisper to significantly louder than a mechanical fan. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours while playing its built-in sounds and 6 hours while streaming audio via Bluetooth. Find the right combination of sound and volume for your best night’s sleep.

A Cordless Bluetooth Speaker

Pair the LectroFan micro with your phone and have a powerful Bluetooth speaker that can go anywhere. Twist the micro to direct the speaker for upward or forward facing sound. Adjust the volume with the precise 1db increments for the perfect level from background music to a concert experience. The micro is rechargable and has a 6-hour playback battery life when fully charged with the USB power cable.

Protect Your Privacy

LectroFan micro’s fan, white noise and ocean sounds are the perfect background for a private conversation. It not only keeps unwanted noise out of your space, but it can keep your conversation in. Whether using it for an office, medical practice, or just at home, the micro can ensure that you are able to have the privacy you need anywhere you need it.

Toss In A Suitcase

Whether you are on the road for work, or on a lavish vacation, sleeping in a hotel can be upsetting to your sleep cycle. Bring consistency to your sleep environment by bringing the LectroFan micro. The micro can drown out unfamiliar sounds of nature or loud hotel guests. The USB cord makes it easy for anything from car to international travel.

Moves Wherever You Do

Don’t let cords keep you captive, take your music with you indoors and out. The LectroFan micro has a 6-hour playback battery life designed to keep your music going anywhere you want to be. Share music or a podcast with your family and friends using the ease of Bluetooth, and with crystal clear sound from a small sleek cordless speaker