Lander Carry System – Your Ultimate Backpack – Review

What is Lander carry system all about?

Hello everybody to my new article.  I’m a fan of Excursions and adventures, and if you own a bag for everything that carry your gym shoes, lunch, coffee cup, water or even your computer or notebooks in different packs to keep your hands free then it will be great! This Lander Carry Packable Daypack solved my concern. Then Mountain climbing and other tasking activities are made easy through out this compatible carry systems.

I have tried this Lander Carry System multipurpose adventure travel daypack, it’s versatile with a waterproof crash pad to protect and store techs in any situation. This carry system ensures that you have all your gadgets and materials at your finger tip and easily accessible at any point in time and place. Most carry system just primarily focuses on adventures alone, but this backpacking packs system can be used for multitasking activities of all kinds. It’s waterproof ability and capacity enables it to withstand harsh weather conditions and environmental hazards.

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What’s your choice of this Lander carry Packable Daypack system?

Lander Carry System is specifically designed to suit both your daily and weekend needs and tours. The types depend on the reason for your travel or choice. Based on this, our products are categorized into three main types. They are:

  1. Traveler — This is a relatively big carry system but spacious. It supports a wide range of gadgets and gears. It is particularly designed for 3-4 day weekend trip or for daily use. Traveler has a crash pad section, cargo section and external storage section where different gears can be safely stored and carried. It is about 60cm in height and 53cm in width which accommodates various gears depending on its use.
  2. Commuter — Not all daily adventures require big mounted bags. Commuter is specifically designed to assist you in carrying your daily techs and weekend gears in a safe way. The Commuter also has the same interior features like the traveler but it is relatively smaller to it. Commuter weighs just 44 oz, which implies that it is conducive in mobility at any time.
  3. Kits and Parcel — This is specifically designed to serve as a supplement to traveler and Commuter kits is a versatile pack for packing and storing small techs and toiletries. More so, the parcel works is a modular packing cube that assists your traveler and commuter carry bags. This also long lasting and spacious enough to accommodate items such as diaries, keys, slippers, sun glasses and lots more.

What to expect in Lander carry system?

Lander Carry System is a multi-purpose package system that incorporates several features. These features are specially designed to store designated gears. Both traveler and commuter incorporate:

  • Crash pad — This is a partition of the bag where you can store your techs without any fear of damage. It has protective laptop sleeve that fits up to 17″ inches laptop, a hot route for secure internal wire-ways and waterproof crash pads.
  • Cargo section — This is a section where you store the rest of your items such as clothes, shoes, bottles and other related items. It corporates several features. Traveler and Commuter have different cargo features such as inner mesh storage, soft and front pocket, shoe compartment, bottle pockets, cargo straps and other additional features.
  • Kits — This is a small partition I lander carry system that incorporates features like toiletry storage, tech storage for mobile phones, key leash, illumifind for storing items and contingencies gadgets.

CONs — What to Improve

Lander the company that designed this Landy Carry Packable Daypack are working on a number of things such as on the colors of their products. The CEO of Lander said. “We earnestly consider releasing sample colors very soon. More so, some comments on the inclusion of waist belts have also been noted. We aspire to make out products as convenient as possible.”

We also like to improve in our feedback system, we sometimes don’t give quick replies in which we will work on and effect positive changes. Also, comments on including wheel will also be looked into. In addition, we hope to clear the doubts of our foreign prospective customers that the products are durable and can be shipped to your desired locations when indeed.”

Additional information – Add-ons are also available

Lander Carry System comes with add-ons features depending on your choice and desire for this. These add-ons aim at maximizing your adventure experience in a prolific way. They are iPhone 6 or 7 case USB-cable lighting cable 5200 mAh power bank emblem hat.

For price, Lander backpack is now available on Kickstarter for backers. Starts at $140 (MSRP: $175) for Lander Commuter and $165 (MSRP: $200) for Lander Traveler, check out the link below for latest pricing and availability first.

  Check Price and Availability

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