K-25 Bath Towel Review


You step into your bathroom to have a nice refreshing bath and LO! all you end up with is a smelly towel still wet from your last bath on the previous day. This scenario is not new to us. Sometimes or the other we all find ourselves dealing with such pesky bathing troubles. So, is there a solution to such occurrences? Well, the answer is very much a big YES! K-25: Bath Towels on Another Level by SOLO-RM, are here to take your bathing experience to the next level. No more smelly and wet towels! No more pesky bathing issues! Just a calming, refreshing bathing experience!

K-25 Bath Towel

Bath towels are one of those daily essentials we don’t give much attention. We leave them wet on the floor unattended on the beds, and even in the closets or bathrooms. And when we need them on the other day, they are just not ready for the next shower. One perspective to deal with the situation is to change our lifestyles or habits, always remembering to hang the towels properly after each use, but that may sound daunting to many. A better idea will be to make the towel itself smart enough to dry out quickly after every shower. That’s the whole idea behind K-25 Bath Towel. It’s an elegant replacement to the towels that we have been using till date. With improved texture and fabric, K-25 Bath Towel is much more durable and soft. But that is not all. It quickly absorbs excess water and dries-out swiftly between consequent usage. It is a life-transform.

An invention for all bath lovers.

SMART features

K-25 Bath Towel is a perfect solution to all your bathing troubles. Whether you want to save some time to quickly dry up your skin and hair or want to get rid of the stinky towel smell, this product does it all.

Saves Time — Its supreme absorbency dries up your damp skin and wet hairs within seconds.

Antibacterial and Anti-odor — It’s natural antibacterial properties prevent accumulation of mold, bacteria, or a stinky smell.

Energy Saving — Its lightweight texture and fabric use less water per laundry cycle.

Lint-free — Being totally lint free, the towel gets puffier and softer post every wash cycle.

A Whole Range of Sizes to Choose From — Even in larger sizes, it is very convenient and lightweight to handle. It can be easily washed and packed and fits in a very little space in your closet.

Save Money — In spite of all its promising features, K-25 Bath Towel comes at affordable prices. Saving your energy and time is a bonus!

The Marvelous Waffle Weave Square MO

K-25 Bath Towel has the biggest well-ventilated waffle weave square design that provides an enhanced surface area to facilitate maximum absorbency. In addition to that, the improvised design of the fabric and texture creates less contact surface thereby reducing the damage caused to skin cells as well as hair cuticles. Less contact surface equates to reducing friction. In other words, the K-25 Bath Towel is soft on the skin and does not cause any rashes or frizz. The innovative honeycomb pattern of the waffle weave square design allows more air to slow through the towel thereby facilitating fast drying for next usage.

K-25 Bath towel is fabricated with finest pure natural cotton yarn and processed in safe AZO-free dyes. These towels come in all sized preferable sizes. So, whether you need a face towel, a hand towel, a hair towel, or a bath towel; you can your version of K-25 in your preferred size. Leave behind the troubles of hair getting frizzy, tangled, and damaged. Embrace manageable hairs that are shiny like never before! Use it to tame your curly hairs or just wrap around your head like a turban. Put a small one like a scarf or replace an oversized one with a blanket. You will fall in love with the softness of its fabric and quick dry feature of its waffle weave design.


Having said all the great things about K-25, one of its cons is that it comes in a single color that is brown due to the use of natural dyes. So if you need soft pastels of bright reds and blue, you have to wait until those colors are included in future productions. Also, don’t look for any add-ons such as face towels or bath mats. Shipping to some places may involve custom duty and additional fee causing a delay in delivery.

Price, Discount, and Lagniappe

You can grab your pick o one K-25 Bath Towel from Kickstarter for $29 and save almost 65% under their Kickstarter campaign where the retail price for the same towel is $45. Don’t forget to take your bag as a freebie.

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