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With a lot of different products and technologies out there, there is somehow less room for trying to invent something new.

This has made it a direct target to most brilliant minds out there to start in developing the already established and well-used products in order to solve any existing problems or make the product as perfect as it could be.


This is exactly what JoeyWears is trying to do in the product they developed. Everyone on this planet wears any form of underwear which helps keep their body intact and safe at all times.

Given that this is something that everyone faces every day, the creators thought of designing and creating the best underwear out there that will suit your fit.

Imagine how you like underwear with a tight waist and leg fit in order to keep it held at all times, but this size usually gives an unpleasant feeling in the private areas.

Well, this is what JoeyWears focused on, to be able to design the underwear with smart dimensions that will keep your needs together with your wants.

Customer’s Comments and Thoughts

The community on Kickstarter has no comments concerning the idea due to how basic and simple it is. However, all the engagement was positive, asking for more colors, sizes, pairs, and deals.

This shows that the consumers are actually facing this problem in their everyday life and they think that JoeyWears have found the right solution for it.

We believe that this idea is worth looking in, as the comfort of the genitals will definitely change the way a person treats his everyday life. This might just be the first product out there to tackle such a point in this field or even try to change the norm.

However, we believe that this simple change will not stop other well-established competitors to re-create the same idea in a matter of days and start regaining back their market.


We don’t think there is more room for innovation for this product, as the designs are the only thing left for the creators of JoeyWears to discuss.

This product has reached its goal through pledge by the community which is also a reflection of how important this product actually is and why it should be considered seriously.

Generally speaking, the price tag and deals on this underwear is actually not bad at all and should be considered regardless of the innovative touch. With the price tag starts at $20, it’s actually cheaper than lots of branded under-garments manufacturers.

Given that you are going to own a new pair of underwear anytime in the near future, might as well take the step to purchase the JoeyWears. We are pretty sure that the deal from the purchase is going to be worth it in the end. JoeyWears is a new product that is trying to invade the fashion and comfort industry, if you are excited about having a more comfortable pair of underwear, then support this product through their crowd funding journey.

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