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Cerebral Palsy has determined my life in a positive way and I am proud of the person I am today, however the prejudice that comes with my illness is not so easy to shake. I was often told in the early years of my education that sports would never be my forte because my movement isn’t quick enough, and I was never as fast as most of the children in my class.

I was also told that I would never find a path into the world of Business because my public speaking is ‘hard to understand’. If I had listened to those people, I would not be who I am today. The prejudice and limitations that people place you in is sometimes hard to escape, but with I Am Decals I can tell people about who I am as a person, and not just who they see. I am an athlete. I am an entrepreneur. And I am inspiring.

I Am Decals lets me express who I am, not who people want me to be. I can choose which icons describe me, and place them for the world to see. Whether that’s on the back of my car window, or on a T-Shirt, you will know that I am in a committed marriage to my partner, have an obsession with animals, or an original path settler in my travels.

That’s my favorite part about this idea; you don’t have to guess the person I am because I am telling you. Personally, I love the idea of a T-Shirt with an icon that I have graduated and have a degree. I have worked day and evening tirelessly to give myself that title and I am proud to have it.

Features — What’s special

Not only is the icon modern and fashionable, the icons are easy to read. I’ve seen some companies copy this very same idea but fail to pick symbols that match the word.

But with I Am Decals, the wedding rings are an easy signal for my marriage, the paw inside of the heart tells that I am a committed animal lover, and the icon of the man hiking tell people that I have a fascination with the outside world and the beauty it offers.

I’m a bargain hunter, I love knowing I got an item for the fraction of the price that somebody else paid for it. I wonder if I Am Decals makes an icon for that? Anyway, with these bumper stickers or T-Shirts, I have a Forever Guarantee, meaning a free replacement!

Let’s be honest, nothing stays new with my children or animals. But with I Am Decals I know that my money has been well spent, it’s not everyday that a company offers you a free replacement, for a mistake that you have made. That’s another thing I love, supporting morally good people who genuinely care about the products they put their name on.

Design to fit your style

However, I am very fussy with the clothes I wear. I am obsessed with being in style and wearing clothing that exaggerates every curve and pro of my body. How do I know that I Am Decals are giving me a T-Shirt that will genuinely look good on me? The answer to that is it’s your choice.

You have many options of sizes, styles and colours allowing you to pick a T-Shirt that not only fits to perfection, but will adore.

Final Words

Not all companies are committed to high quality material and fit, you could personally style a T-Shirt from eBay if you wanted a cheaper and lower quality shirt. But there is no insurance that your T-Shirt will look the way it does in the picture, and you don’t get the personalised, modern icons available with I Am Decals.

I know where I would put my money. Where does I Am Decals go from here? Personalising a bumper sticker and T-Shirt is only scratching the limits on other items. Wine glasses, hiking boots, bike stickers… the list is eternal in regards to the direction of the company. And I for one am a supporter of a campaign to enlighten the world about their misconceptions of me, and educate them on who I am as a person.
So now the question is; Who Are You?

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