Honeywell EnergySmart ThermaWave Heater

$69.99 $48.74

Uses powerful ceramic heating technology to provide quick, even heat.



The unique, industrial design of the ThermaWave Ceramic Heater provides quick, even heating for both directional and whole room comfort. It also incorporates EnergySmart technology, which helps to regulate power consumption and save up to 35% on heating bills*. Together with two heat settings and multiple safety features, the ThermaWave Ceramic Heater provides both efficient and intelligent core comfort.


• Quick, Even Heat: The ThermaWave Heater uses ceramic heating technology to provide quick, even heat & help you save on your electric bill! With easy-to-use digital controls & large temperature display.
• Safe & Efficient: This heater’s Energy Usage Gauge displays the amount of energy used. It comes with an array of safety features: Tip-over protection, overheat protection & Cool Touch housing & handle.
• Increase Your Comfort: Portable heaters can help increase comfort & supplement home heating needs. Honeywell carries a range of heaters including personal, ceramic, fan forced, radiant, & infrared.
• Smart Savings: Portable heaters are an easy way to add warmth to any space. By turning down your home thermostat a few degrees & heating just the room you’re in, a space heater can help you save money.
• Honeywell Quality: Help improve heating & energy savings in your home, office, or school using an energy efficient Honeywell portable heater to bring comfort to any sized room from small to large.