Haiku Paintings Review

Most of the humanity are into art or at least appreciate good art pieces. Art in many forms, are mostly subjective to individual, one of which, an ancient art that considered evergreen is undoubtedly the art of paintings.

We have all owned a painting, some point, or at least once in a life time; that painting that attracted us too much until we had to get it. For example, paintings hide a deeper meaning within them and usually cost a great deal of money.

However, today we are introducing a new paint art that might just break all of these points while still able to attract hundreds of eye balls.

Features — the pros

The Haiku paintings are the newest form of art by the Japanese society conveying deep meaningful art.

What so special about Haiku art is that it depends on the minimal strokes and the minimal amount of colors that can be used in a painting in order to provide a final masterpiece that is so simple and easy for the eyes.

These paintings focus on resembling the beauty of nature and the power from within, generally, not everyone can understand what the painting is trying to interpret, but by the time one does, it will start getting alive.

The pros of this product are the fact that it is professionally created by an artist who dedicated his life to art by spending his time looking for the best type of art out there. This would mean that the paintings will be of high quality at all times.

Furthermore, if you are a lover of the Japanese culture, then this will be the right product for you as this art is taken directly from the Haiku art.

Customer’s thoughts and the Cons

However, the expected cons would be the concept that this product relies deeply on the artist himself, which would mean if anything happens to the artist, this brand/product will stop moving forward entirely and the followers might actually take it to the wrong turns.

We believe that this artist is actually creating pieces that should be owned at each home due to his talent. On the other hand, the future of this artwork is definitely limited for the same reason.

It is one thing to be selling a product and creating a brand name, and another thing to be creating a name for your own self as an artist. Generally, Kickstarter community are excited about the product, since the niche couldn’t speak for itself, the number of backers was so far reaches 22.


As far as we concern, people focused on the quality of paper and the development of the art into creating a book and other similar ideas. Subjectively, there were no worries regarding the quality of the art; which can be expected due to the high skill of artist possesses.

We believe that Haiku paintings is trying to convey a deep message by taking poems illustration to put it into a natural imagery. Owning a few pieces of your own and having them around your household will always keep your walls as lively as possible, and eventually helping you to reach a better inner relief.

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