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With summer ending and people thinking about the scenery of camping areas. It is time to start loading the backpack for a romp in the wild. The camper is always looking for a better way to cook food when there is no electricity available.

The Coleman cook stoves require tugging along heavy fuel. Almost any type of cooking in the wilderness requires lugging along heavy equipment and fuel or trying to find dried timber for fires.

In other words, cooking without electric is normally labor intensive.

Imagine an oven that requires no extra fuel but heats as hot as an electric stove and is hardly noticeable in the weight of your backpack. We think we’ve found the answer in the latest Kickstarter project — GoSun Go.

New GoSun Stove on Kickstarter

GoSun is the manufacturer of several different solar ovens that range in price from $85 to $799. The GoSun series features a heating tube in a reflective oven so that you can literally cook in anywhere where there is sunlight available.

The tube design does limit the size and shape of food cooked in them. These futuristic devices allow roasting, baking, boiling, steaming, and frying in a glass tube.

This review will only be about the Kickstarter edition of solar ovens named GoSun Go.

What is the GoSun Go?

GoSun Go is a lightweight solar cooker that weighs only 2 pounds for any outdoor activities. It is less than 15 inches long, 7 inches high, and less than 4 inches wide. Designed with hikers in mind, it is perfect for a single meal for one person and it can be fitted into the most backpack.

GoSun Go cooks the most meal in about 20 – 30 minutes. All without fire, fuel or gas needed.

It cooks water too!

It is designed for campers, boaters, hikers, hunters, or individuals who love traveling. For any outing in a group, you may consider getting more than one unit for better efficiency.

Powerful and Portable

Weighing at only 2 pounds, the GoSun Go is 14.7 inches long by 3.37 inches wide, and 7 inches tall when closed. This means it’s super lightweight and portable for camping or picnics use.

It is made of aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, glass, and ABS plastic, surrounded by EVA foam for insulation. Therefore, perfect and safe for cooking.

Double as a camp stove, it is also a kettle and oven that made to withstand rugged condition. It is great for a single camper or boater to take along in the backpack.

Why it has a place in the competitive market

GoSun stove has been around on the market for years and people love it.

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This version is much more portable, easy-to-carry version compares to the other GoSun solar ovens that already are taking their place in the market.

GoSun Go allows campers to make tea or coffee in just thirty minutes with a little effort. While you can spend more time enjoying your family picnic, a 14-ounce meal can be easily prepared for every 30 minutes. The best part, neither electricity nor fuel needed!

GoSun Go will heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and keep the food warm for hours. Never drink an uncooked water from the site, as there might be tons of germs and parasitic worm/bug/bacteria in even the crystal-clear river water. GoSun Go works for water too! it can be used to boil and sterilize water wherever you go.

The durable foam EVA case keeps the oven safe, submersible, and resistant to saltwater. Boaters will definitely love it!

Compared to similar products

In comparison, GoSun Go is relatively cheaper in price than other similar products.

One of its competitor, SunFlair, has been around in the market for a while producing the similar solar cookers. Despite the price are about the same, their products are often bulkier, less popular and have a less aesthetic appearance then GoSun’s.

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There are also others solar cooker brands who have the same glass tube design. According to the buyer reviews, most of them often fail the customer expectation. For example, the cooker took very long time to heat up and did not reach the temperature as advertised.

Pros – What makes this oven great

  • Waterproof for camping and boating
  • Foam case protects it from breakage
  • Light in weight (2 pounds) – Highly portable. Hand-carry or fit it into any regular backpack.
  • Cook, boil, sterilize, bake and fry food in just thirty minutes
  • Durable, long-lasting design
  • Great for outdoor activities — camping, picnic, hiking, etc.

Cons – What to improve

  • Meal for one person — The main dealbreaker. That would be great if each serving is enough for two or more people.
  • Work best on sunny days — Less efficient on cloudy days and it has to be anchored on windy days.
  • Bite-sized cooking with limited design options.
  • 30 minutes or longer — Depends on the size, it may cook up to 2 hours. GoSun Go serves best as an alternative cooking method, or get multiple units for a better result.

In Summary

In my point of view, getting your food cooked without any electricity and fuel in the process is certainly incredible. Meanwhile, you will have to take the following into considerations, such as the intensity of sunlight, wind, serving and types of food. It may take longer time in shaded or cloudy places. Therefore, GoSun Go is best to serve as an alternative for any outdoor adventures.

The GoSun Go offers one year warranty. The package includes GoSun Go, cleaning brush, user manual, registration card, and a cook booklet. Under the early bird, you can get GoSun Go as low as only $85, or get two units for only $165.

Most of the customer who has previously bought other GoSun related products are generally giving a positive review. It is not hard to tell why this solar cooker has been listed as “Product We Love” by Kickstarter.

GoSun Go










Customer Feedback



  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Heat to 500°F inside — Cold to touch outside
  • Cook, boil, bake and fry a variety of food.
  • No fuel or electricity needed.


  • Time for cooking subjects to sunlight intensity.
  • Bite-size serving for one person.
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