GHOST Review: The World’s Most Advanced Smart Backpack

Once in a while or may be every day, circumstances will force one to carry their device whether it is to go to school, work or to travel. Putting in mind how valuable and delicate the devices are, in this case, the laptop, they need to be handled with care. That is where the search a good bag that would guarantee the safety of the device starts. Finding that bag that provides the protection the laptop deserves could be futile. The review is the kind of bag you could be in need of when carrying your laptop.

GHOST: The World’s Most Advanced Smart Backpack

Ghost Overview

The Ghost is a kind of bag that fits well for someone who has to move a device from one point to another. It has features that protect the devices from any danger. It eases the movement of the laptop too. The bag also ensures that the owner stays organized and always connected. It is in deed advanced and a very smart backpack.

Ghost Features to Look At in this review

Build in charger

No power no device is a law that should be passed by the scientists. Many are witnesses that the statement is true. One cannot use the device if it lacks power. What is the need of a laptop if you cannot use it. The worry of charge less laptop is made a thing of the past, Ghost bag due to this feature. You can use the built in charger to charge you laptop on the go, as soon as it alerts you that battery is running low.

Built in tracker

With the loss of a laptop, that is not the only thing that worries the owner. There is also massive data loss. All sort of data is lost starting from least significant to most crucial. The thought of someone else accessing your information could be traumatizing. The built in tracker helps one to track the bag with the device. It could be too fast for the thief to have managed to access the device.

Quick access pocket

It is along the strap which enables one to access things in the bag easily.

High-Quality fabric

The material is that of high quality. it is water proof, cut proof, anti-shock, and anti-sweat. The designers understand very well how laptop components react to solutes in water. If it starts raining on your way home, there is no need to panic. Ghost has it all covered. When you pass near a fence that is made using barbed wires, it can’t get pricked. The material used also make it light.

Several compartments

The fact that the bag has several pockets for various devices helps one stay organized. You know where to find what based on the size and shape. If the time was of the essence, for instance, the phone is ringing; you reach it on time. You get to pick the call before it ends.

Review on the Pros

The ghost bag is light weight which means that it does not add weight to the already heavy laptop. That makes it easy to carry even if it will be on a daily basis. The material used is water proof. The fact that it is water proof makes it safe to use when it starts pouring. No need to panic because the Ghost got you. THe cut proof aspects eliminate the chances of someone cutting it open and taking the device. The separate bags make one stay organized. You know exactly where to get what. The tracker makes the tracing of the bag easy. If it is misplaced, finding it has been made easier. THe quick access pocket enabled one to access the things inside the bag quickly. Its design suits people of both genders. The prices are fair, and since the bag is good, the value of money is felt.

A review of the Cons

There is the issue of colors has been raised. According to the customers, only the black color is available. You should consider a variety of colors for the preferences of others. Some suggest that one quick pocket is not enough. More of them to be greatly appreciated. THe bag is too plain for those who like the style. Options with decorations should be made available. The use of all dated devices could make it hard for those who are cost conscious. Cheaper alternatives are crucial.

Kickstarter has shut down (suspended) the project – Reason

Kickstarter, for some reason, has suspended Ghost (on 29th August) from funding. Whether it’s due to rule-breaking or some other reasons, the reason however did not disclose to the public. Even the project was already funded in just 36 hours, this bad news left all of the 489 backers hanging in the Kickstarter project comments section.

This disappointing news had waited to be resolved. Until then, there’s no further update on the creator’s site. If you are one of the backers or know the reason, feel free to let others know what you think in the comment section below.


  1. I want to have one. Where can I buy it?
    (I am from Germany)

  2. Hi Peer,
    Unfortunately this Kickstarter project was suspended therefore it is not available for purchase.

  3. This company is a LIE ! I don’t know how you get their product to do review . I did back this project at indiegogo and the MARK CHEEBAN went missing and lie backer money ! Kickstarter suspended because this product is stole/copy by other and re-use to scam people money

  4. Please DO NOT buy this backpack. The Kickstarter project was suspended because MARK CHEEBAN did not deliver the product as promised.

    The backpack was shipped WITHOUT the built in charger and the built in tracker, which are the 2 main reasons people backed this project.

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