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All women out there are interested in their fashion and looks, always focusing on being on their best looks at all times.

One of the main aspects of the fashion is the shoe that are they have on and how they affect the whole outfit being used. One main type of show that every single woman wears at least once in her lifetime are the heels.

Heels are typically one of the most commonly worn shoes for women at occasions such as parties or weddings. However, with great looks comes a huge setback of the pain assessed through walking in them. This leads women to walk around with another pair of shoes that would be worn throughout the day except at times of need.

What is GENA?

Here is where GENA thought of a brilliant idea to create shoes that has an adjustable height. This product will probably cause a huge change in the market as it will aid all of the women out there who suffer from wearing high heels.

The Features

The product works by having a the heel part being adjustable, whether you want to keep it tall, or tuck it in to wear a short heel shoe. This could be very useful in times where you have two different events during your day.

The mechanism of using the product is very simple and easy where you just press a button to elongate the heel or just pull it back to make it shorter again.

Made by a Singapore start-up, this product has been created as a response to a market research that included a questionnaire sent out to almost 10,000 females who all agreed that it would be a great product.

Pros and Cons overview

On kickstarter, this project has raised almost 70% of the needed fund in less than a week, which shows how successful this might be.

Not overly expensive, the price is consider acceptable in compare to some of the branded heels.

As for this campaign, they do offer a number of designs but due to the concerns on the adjustable heels might not be attractive or might be too basic compared to other well-established brands that focus on design more than anything else. This is a point that would probably be tackled in time after validating the success of this product.



The creators have also focused on trying to change the design of the shoe to make it as comfortable as possible to the women who own it. So far, there has not been any competitor to this idea, making GENA the first movers at this point, however other known brands may use the same idea and simply be able to sell more due to its position in the market.

Yet, in conclusion, this idea looks as a great potential with a lot of different potential users out there anticipating the day of release in order to be able to try something that women have always dreamt off.

Check out the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign.

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