Eggy Toy Review

For most people when they walk to a toy shop, they are not aware that toys pose a great influence on them or their children as they help them develop coordination and imagination.

You need to buy toys that your children will enjoy and that are also safe when being used as toy related injuries have been on the rise in recent years. Many toy manufacturers follow safety and quality assurance guideline but others don’t.

If you are looking for a toy that will fit all these needs then Eggy toys are the best fit for you and your children. Designed with minimal feel and cuteness, Eggy represents resilience and a perfect balance of toy, engagement, and art, something you won’t get in most other toys.

Eggy’s design represents love and passion and it is not one of your everyday toys.

It is designed to symbolize the great ability to succeed, overcome adversities and misfortunes in all circumstances. It will definitely inject in you or your child high accuracy and quality.

Don’t look any further; you need to purchase an Eggy toy?

Design: How it stands out in the market from other toys

Eggy has what I call its own unique shape and features in the market: Has an Eggy shape both basic and unique, this offers an opportunity to choose from either the shapes on what suits your needs or that of your child.

Another exciting feature is the toys belly button giving it good stability meaning can be used by all ages.

Eggy toys have the” meh” eyes, is always annoyed at you. This will ensure that you want to keep on engaging the toy throughout.

Eggy toy has a unique and friendly dimension for all ages with the mini toy having 80mm by 60mm.

The toy has astonishing weight; it weighs three times its size.

If you are looking for collections then Eggy toy will offer you exactly this. Among the collections available in the market are:

1. Classic collections: This one represents quality and timeless. Its color is the king of all colors.

2. Special collections: This one stands out as compared to all other toys.

3. Camo master collections: If you love our soldiers and appreciate the work they do to train and protect all of us, then this is the right toy to appreciate their work. It was designed to represent this noble task.

Each Eggy represents a different personality to ensure that all ages are not left out and that you are also not left out.

Why Eggy and what it represents different from other toys-Pros

In this 21st and digital age, real interaction with your toy matters. This interaction is only possible through Eggy toys.


For different weights, the results will be different for different swaying speeds. The heavier the toy is, the faster the swaying speed. It s weight always acts as the center of gravity. When the Eggy wobbles the mass at the center will be on the other side and gravity returns it to an upright position. There are two modes, the slow swaying, and the frenzy modes.

Increasing attention span:

The different weights give you your desired sway speed. It’s animal features capture great attention for both young and the young at heart and also those who have an explorative spirit.

Life lessons and values:

Every person needs to be encouraged in life because of the challenges that life possess. Eggy teaches that no matter how hard life knocks you down, you can always rise up and get back on your track.

What will excite you more is to note that Eggy is not just a piece of display, NO; it will allow you to get engaged and interact with the toy, bringing out and stimulating your creativity. It will aid adults in relieving stress, brainstorming boost and increase concentration- A feature that most of the other toys won’t provide.


The Toy has been new in the market is retailing at slightly higher prices but this is because of the cost of production involved. Actually, the producers don’t really make a lot of many as the aim is to have you experience this great encounter with Eggy toys.

Pricing discounted:

· Classic: $ 25 for solo, $48 for buddy and $92 for the full set

· Special: $ 29 for solo, $ 55 for a buddy.

· Camo master: $ 35 for solo, $ 67 for buddy and $ 99 for the full set

· D.I.Y edition: For $ 19

· Defy gravity: $ 139 and for buddy $265

· Complete package: $ 195 with free shipping.

· Full house package: $ 299 with free shipping and one free limited edition.

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